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  1. hi all lets get the season off too a start now the weather is on our side................................. well who knows it may eventual come out to play: The following events will all count towards end of season results: WSMC 28th April - part of the Anglian Autosolo Challenge OMC May 5th CSMA NW May 19th 9th June TBA - part of the Anglian Autosolo Challenge CSMA NW 23rd June WSMC 7th July Bristol MC 10th August 15th September TBA - part of the Anglian Autosolo Challenge Ross and DMSL 22nd September OMC 27th October ECMC 27th October - part of the Anglian Autosolo Challenge Mayfair Autosolo challenege will also count - event details will follow when finalised Also Sevenoaks and DMC will also be counting as events just waiting on dates to be finalised As last year the best scores from six will count towards end positioning All events can be found at the relevant motor club sites but any problems accessing this dont hesitate to contact me Regards Matt
  2. Think you'll find he has two weak spots - (his memory and appetite) ha ha ;D
  3. Dont seem to have a comeback for that ha ha ha ha ha But whats that i hear 'i was driving in my socks', so a pillow seemed fitting as well ;D
  4. Dad's back from Italy today - guess we will soon see whether i have done any damage to the spitfire by trying to fix it........ Its certainly wont start at the moment............
  5. Massive thanks goes to Mark Bland who came to the saviour at 11.30pm Saturday evening, when the fated lack of knowledge on cars came too the boil. However he did get his own back by bring me a pillow along so i could drive his Spitfire, i thought i would get that out there before MR COOPER rips me too pieces. Mark's car is set up very nicely and has an nice long first gear so pretty dam handy for autosolos. With all concerned the spitfires held there own very well, nice to see Matt Barkers recently acquired spitfire out. Which value for money looks like an extremely nice find. The day didnt go without its events, with Mark having too change tyres for the journey home being one of them (Sorry Mark) Finshing order for the triumph went like this: 1.Matt Helm 2.James Cooper 3.Mark Bland 4.Matt Barker 5.Dale Barker Good times, look out for the Abingdon Autosolo with regs up on the Dolphin motorclub website. There will be a sprint with over 100 cars entered at the same venue and camping is permitted with the following day a stage rally will be present at the venue. And also dont forget that the regs are out for the Club Triumph Annual Autosolo on the 15th July
  6. Appreciate you waiting for me, it would have been like a swimming pool if i had to get out. I have to say i chickened out on the way home and took a nice scenic route home. Awesome roads and would be fantastic for a 12 car rally. BUT WHEN WILL THIS RAIN STOP GRRRR :o
  7. Hi all please find some pictures from the event, they can also be found on the CSMA NEL website
  8. Are you looking for Autosolo or Autotest regulations?
  9. Had a great day out today in Norfolk with SCCON I say great, but it was like having an ice cold bath..... But it was a pleasure meeting David and Julie Aspinall, both there cars looked fantastic... David is a secret talent thats for sure and Julie definately looked like she had the hang of it!! Cheers guys for a great day out
  10. CSMA event report on the competitions webpage Some spirited driving by all. Championship standings to be updated on Thursday :)
  11. They usually start at around 10am - i would definately think about thermals if the weather stays as it is As far as i can see there are 4 triumphs competing and 37 entrants in total the majority being sportscars and kitcars :)
  12. Yeah do come and watch - there is a little more to it then driving around cones - not for everyone though.
  13. Come on people this is one for the East Anglain regions and extremely cheap fun Three Club Triumph entrants already which makes up a fifth of the entrants so far
  14. Hi all find attached the results from the weekend - great results for both Tim and James - but once again some great driving in the classics by all
  15. Definately going to be a good day Especially looking forward to seeing your GT6 Tim
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