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  1. Hi Jason Team 154 is now the Not So Magnificent 7 We have a 1983 Acclaim, gold, 1300cc we hope! Cheers, Chris
  2. Theo That would be enough for carbs, but not for EFI. EFI needs > 2 Bar.
  3. That was what my impression was and that is why skin and rice pudding is involved.
  4. Matt, if you still have a mechanical pump fitted it probably cannot supply enough fuel pressure. That's may be why you are lean. You will need around 2.5 - 3 Bar fuel pressure. But it may be another government Covid measure to limit drivers and passengers from breathing in too much infected air. Do you wear the obligatory MSUK air filter when driving? Or am I hallucinating and seeing Covid restrictions in everything I do? ......mmmm touched the keyboard must wash hands.
  5. In addition to thanking the participants I would like to thank others who helped to make this event possible. They are Mike Bishop, Dale Barker and Ellis Stokes who gave their expertise on organising events, regulations, dealing with MSUK and generally being old and wise?! Howard Brissenden who prepared the Satnav files by way of a Road Book. Darren Sharp who avoided being run over at the start and disqualified all entrants. Roy Castle who wished he never got involved with Club Triumph and steadfastly refuses to become a member, but is happy to chauffeur me around the route. Craig Gingell and Clive Senior who built the website and Forum from which an attempt was made to manage the event. MSUK RLOs Cumbria and Yorkshire who were helpful in preparing for the event and flexible in adapting it. Headland Family Restaurant, Flamborough who could not have done more to be helpful and provided luvly grub, hightly recommended. Thank you all. Chris
  6. Hi Dave According to the rules, you were at the finish, the route is advisory and you are allowed to get from the start to the finish as you wish. You finished! Well done and thank you. Hi Allan Thanks for the update. I'll phone them later today. Chris
  7. Finally Club Triumph has got to run an event in the Covid era. I don't think I have ever seen a group of participants so keen to get started for an event. Gagging for it would put it mildly. The route we eventually drove was a bit of an improvisation most of which I had not been able to reconnoitre beforehand. Feedback was that a few thought it a bit too difficult, most thought it was great and some fantastic. We were not helped by the fog. The Headlands Restaurant did exactly what we asked of them and I certainly enjoyed my fish and chips and big breakfast. If you did too please would you give them a thumbs up on Google Reviews and Trip Advisor. They went out of their way to help us and I would be very happy to start their again. Chris Gunby has mailed me to say that after a night in Carlisle Hospital, he and Nigel Hill should be ok and will be getting home, unfortunately not so for the car. It looks as if Paul Smith, Dorota Malczak and K9 were rescued by superhuman effort from Dave Kirk and John Talbot, assisted by Don Cook and Ian Pearce. Well done guys. There were 26 finishers and honoury finishers. There was only one was a mechanical retirement. That shows the high standard of preparation from the teams. Great work. I hope that everyone did not feel that the event was over regulated. It felt to me that while organising the event 10% of the work was the event and 90% was regulation from Motorsport UK, GovUK and Scotgov. There is normally some regulation, and for all events CT has they have to conform to MSUK General Regulations and CT regulations that are event specific. This is why we have to have the Declaration and Indemnity acceptance. However, It was a consequence of the additional Covid Regulations that lead to the route changes, the Alston quiet zone, the lateral flow testing and me having to provide much more information to MSUK. I hope we won't have to do most of that in future. Thank you all for being so tolerant and for being so helpful. Building the new Website and Forum also created a lot of work for this event. It is the first CT event to use the new system. I hope you did not find it difficult. I have not had a number of the features that the previous website had, but I felt the system was easier to operate. A number of you would have bought t-shirts if you realised you could buy them at the same time as buying entry. From my point of view I need more information at the point of entry, as many entrants did not complete their information until very near to the event and some did not. Mass emailing all participants was one feature that we have lost, so I have had to address all my communication to the entrants on the assumption that they would spread the news to their crew. This happened in the majority of cases, but some entrants did not keep their crew up to date. I noted that some of the crew were keeping themselves up to date on the Forum. However, not that many of the participants were using the Forum and that I could not rely on the Forum to broadcast messages that everyone would read. CT lost lost the facility to broadcast text messages. It did not work that well and was difficult for me to operate. This year there was no facility to broadcast to the entrants. My mistake in transposing phone numbers from the web system to the Entrant information did not help as the numbers were jumbled in order and I could not phone individuals. I apologise for that, it would have helped me understand what happened at the accident. Next year I intend to operate a whatsapp group so that I can leave voice messages or texts. You will need this app for next year. I have used Google Maps to plan the route. It is easy(ish) to use and gives accurate distance and time calculations, but it is lacking in ease of transfer to SatNav systems. Howard Brissenden will be fully involved in planning the route next year and we probably won't use Google Maps, but other systems that ease the downloading to SatNav. I used SatNav to navigate for the first time this year and it does have advantages once you take the leap of faith and relinquish control. The main advantage is that the crew can rest and be relatively fresh when it is their driving stint. Although this event isn't the endurance of the RBRR the nature of the route makes the driving and the navigating much more intense. Looking at the state of everyone at the finish, if I had asked "Who's up for going round again?" The answer would have been "Yes, but I am too knackered to do it now." The above paragraphs indicate that for us all to enjoy the preparation and running of the event better and to be less tired at the end we all need to up our IT game a bit. I'll have to get a smartphone and gen up on SatNavs and we'll need more information at entry. Anyway to end, thank you all for entering and being so helpful in the preparation of the event. I hope that you enjoyed it and are up for it again next year. It would help for that if you gave feedback below, perhaps as what went well, what could be done better. Some suggestions I have had also are, can we have polo shirts as well? and now that we have had to do the event with a lot of daylight, would you prefer the events to be run say in June. This will result in more quiet zones. Some really love driving in the dark, some may like to look around a bit. Cheers, Chris
  8. For those in peril on the roads.... That's magnificent. Paul it was Dave Kirk, John Talbot, Don Cook and Ian Pearce that helped you. Dave did actually finish and Don gets an honoury finish. Well done guys. Paul I hope you made it home safely before you ran out of dog food. We have never had that before as a reason not to finish. I am concerned how close that passing truck was, it looks like you are doing this beside the road or had you been able to find a safer place? I hope you are up for it next year! Chris
  9. That's the spirit Matt. But McJim it was what you would call a nice day in Scotland!! Dark, foggy, raining, 1 in 4 gradients, corners so sharp you needed to handbrake turn, 7 hours between stops and don't talk about the precipices. Just an easy C2C really only 3 did not finish. When the tough get going....
  10. Hogie, who has ever heard of oil dribbling out of a Triumph?
  11. Darren, have you got a picture of Henrico Flamborgini's co-driverusse?
  12. Ben, I am sure that you appreciate I was joking with my reply above. Unfortunately, the signs I was getting have not been delivered and we are going to have to improvise......with car number plates! 🔫 🔨 🔧
  13. Hi All Julian Wadsworth, GT6, North Yorkshire, needs a co-driver urgently Does anyone know someone who can help out. They do not need to be a CT member. If so post here, or mail me, or both. This is urgent. If it is not sorted by 10:00 on Saturday Julian will DNS. In hope, Chris
  14. Cardboard from eBay parcels and a marker pen 📏 📐 🔨✏️
  15. I only wish you were joining us, Tim
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