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  1. I’m insured with Classicline and added my 18 year old son at the time for £25. (He’s just turned 19 now). The only condition is that you have to be in the vehicle whilst they are driving which is fine for events like C2C and RBRR and you both have to be members of TSSC. Perhaps Club Triumph should organise something similar to encourage younger members and the next generation to look after our cars. Trying to get him insured on his own or as a named driver is impossible/ridiculously expensive.
  2. That’s the item I ordered! 👍
  3. Thanks Tim, I think I might try these pads when my current ones wear out.
  4. Hi Just a suggestion that I’ve found useful in the past. I’ve ordered and just received some motorway grade magnetic flexible sheet vinyl 0.85 mm from a well known auction site. I plan to put the RBRR stickers onto this and cut to size then apply them to car. I’ve done this for the last few RBRRs and they’ve never fallen off or damaged paint work, unlike my first RBRR where I had problems getting the residue the sticker left behind off my car. The panel does have to be fairly flat and filler free. Works well on my Spitfire. Another benefit of this is that one gets a souvenir of the event. 🙂 Cheers Paul
  5. Interesting Tim, Does the Ferodo DS pads cause a lot of brake dust on the wheels? I’ve got EBC green pads on my Spit with EBC upgraded disks and haven’t experienced the problems you’ve mentioned but I may consider these when replacing them in the future. One of the reasons I switched to EBC apart from performance improvement was my previous pads used to create loads of brake dust.
  6. Thanks for the replies gents. I did think that one didn’t have to continue with MOTs but wanted to make sure. If my car did fail a MOT on a safety point then I would definitely want to fix it so the above makes sense. Thanks
  7. Hi All Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that once your car has been registered as Historic (over 40 years old) you no longer need to get an MOT. It is optional but vehicle must be kept in a road worthy condition. My question is that if you get an MOT test after being exempt and it fails do you have to resolve it before you can use the car? Also do you have to continue getting the car MOT’d or once it has expired it is still optional? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. Managed to resolve a lot of rattles and squeaks over the years but seems to be a never ending battle!
  9. Callipers have now been replaced in addition to new updated disks and pads. Jobs left are: Fix speedo, hoping that the connection at the back has just come loose as I only replaced this cable earlier this year. Fix carpets so that they don’t ride up under feet. Finally try and get all speakers on the stereo to work.
  10. I had problems too. I created a page then linked it to what I thought was our chosen charity and it wasn’t. Didn’t realise that until it wouldn’t let me link to the RBRR event. Then had to delete that site and create a new one. Not very intuitive site and search is appalling. Previous RBRR event came up when I was trying to find this years!
  11. Replaced brake callipers today. Brakes are now feeling great. Next on the list is to fix a slight exhaust leak on the join between front pipe and down pipe. I really need to do this as exhaust fumes are going up into the interior of the car. Just wish I had a 2 or 4 post lift!
  12. I remember that. You were fixing your carb whilst I was fixing the securing bolt on my alternator. Ferny was smoking his cigar whilst your car was peeing petrol everywhere ! 🤣
  13. Yes hopefully I’ll be in mine unless I cock up changing the brake callipers. Those seven years will fly by, it only seems a short while ago that my son was 10! He’s just turned 19 now. Where did those years go!
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