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  1. And just who will this arbiter of mechanical knowledge be and how will he assess crews in Germany, France, the Netherlands or even Scotland? Club Triumph is an inclusive club. Anyone can enter any event without condition. To put exclusions for not being a competent mechanic (and we've all come across them working in garages) is against the ethos of the Club. Becoming elitist is not the way forward. The RBRR, 10CR and C2C are not only events for all Club members, they are an adventure in motoring not a "look at all the spanners I've got" to justify an entry. If you enter the RBRR and your car fails, well at least you've tried and, hopefully, had an enjoyable experience that will make you come back for more. And remember, not every mechanical malady can be fixed at the side of the road, competent mechanic or not. Jim.
  2. I have never attended a Drivers Meeting for any of the RBRRs that I have taken part in and not felt at any disadvantage as I made sure I was pretty clued up beforehand and also having a background in rallying certainly helped. I'm now in my sixties and proud to be mechanical snowflake. I've never been into fixing cars, I prefer driving them and organising events. Our car, this year, had a fair bit of money thrown at it since the big ends forced us to make the decision to retire when we were close to home in 2018. This year, we had confidence in our car as a result of this and when we could hear a grumbling u/j joint at the end of the propshaft at Badgers Holt, we took our time to ensure we finished, then hammered it 360 miles home without problem. Preparation is everything. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is my mantra. As for road books, the timing for Kinross is fairly tight, so I'd be surprised if there was a large queue of early arrivals. Likewise, Gartcosh is at the end of the longest stretch between controls and I wouldn't expect a large queue of early arrivals there either as the event becomes stretched out. We did, however, arrive at two controls about 45 minutes early and one at 25 minutes early. Only one of them was organised in such a way that books were given out in the order of arrival. Peter Fern said earlier that he liked to arrive early to reduce the stress and I am the same. Being organised and keeping to your own planned time schedule to keep you near the front in case any disaster happens is a good way of tackling the RBRR rather than being stressed out trying to play catch-up for the entire event. Every time we waited for ages to get our book back, we ended having to drive faster than we had planned to get back into our comfort zone. However, this is a minor administrative problem that can be easily resolved such as when the crews were set off in the wrong order from the start in 2016. It's small stuff really. Out of the 4 RBRRs I've done, this was easily the best by a country mile. On previous events, you signed in at the Finish Control and everyone drifted away. There was no big finish where everyone got together and celebrated. Not this year. The beer flowed, the tales were told and sore heads were had by many. The reduced mileage took some of the pressure off. Crews were less tired at the finish as could be witnessed by the party long into the night at the Premier Inn. Legend. I can thoroughly recommend it. The straightforward run to the finish was much better than cross country with tired brains. The additional marshals at Wetherby were most welcome and allowed the crews to get in and out quickly and efficiently and keep the event flowing. The RallyAppLive was better than I expected, when I remembered to turn it on. All in all, after over 40 years playing with cars, this was probably the best and best organised event I have ever taken part in. After the delay due to the pandemic, the fuel "crisis" (what crisis?) I congratulate the organising team for a superb event. One final thing .... If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Jim.
  3. Mine are bigger. Size is everything! Yours are only good for an extra 5mph. Mine are good for an extra 10mph! Jim.
  4. Many thanks for that Howard. You're not a bad sort. 😉 A pleasure to see you again. Jim.
  5. Car No. 5, the Scotch Pie Hunter Spitfire at the finish at Knebworth
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