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  1. Always interested... 🙂
  2. With some Triumphs, glovebox and boot lock are same key, doors and ignition are also the same. So you can easily get boot lock key number as it is on the glovebox lock. If the ignition is an FT key (in dash rather than on column, can't picture a 1500fwd) then number should also be obtainable. That said, any original lock will probably be so worn now, a good selection of keys or even screwdrivers will work.
  3. Sounds like you need a trip Round Britain. 🙂
  4. Do you get the rolling pin out to move all the toothpaste to the end when it is almost empty? Or is it just me? didnt use to be a problem when tubes were aluminium.
  5. Looks a really good car. Is it still on the PI, and did you get all the bits? Download the Lucas fault cards for the PI for when you set It back up, they are better than the Haynes manual I seem to remember. Always ask if you are unsure about anything, better to be pointed in The right direction than make a mistake. Cheers Colin
  6. Nick is suggesting you buy a Vincent Hurricane convertible fibreglass body, or a T6 GT6 look-a-like body. You either need to pay a visit to the UK when restrictions allow and buy lots of panels a lot cheaper, and smuggle them back home, or bring the tub to the UK for repair I guess. Ought to be able to get a US tub imported if not??
  7. Did you buy it from the auction at Duxford? I remember it being on Ebay for £1510, but not when that was. That seems very cheap!
  8. The issue will be if they suffer the same problems as the remanufactured type 16 and type 14, of sticky pistons giving very poor pedal feel.
  9. All bar two of my small chassis cars are on the standard studs and nuts, and no the been an issue. But, the Mk 3 Spitfire kept stripping studs, 1 or 2 a year. so decided to buy new, and it was Freelander ones that won out. Herald Estate needs longer studs, so M12 won out again.
  10. As Rob mentioned, the chassis I suspect very low to the ground, even though there is clearly not much weight on it. is that's spring just very soft? You could try a Herald spring I suppose.
  11. You definitely have the rear spring mount too high. cant think how you can get it lower as the diff is in the way. i guess the bike engine rotates the opposite way?
  12. Later seats when reclined hit the hood frame when fitted to a Mk3, suspect Mk4/1500 frame is slight different. Or the Mk3 frames I have are bent of course. 🙂
  13. They say a Picture paints a thousand words, And here that is true.
  14. Get each bit done as above, then when you get to the end, get the whole car blown over in 1 go, so it all ends up 1 colour.
  15. One of my former colleagues had a Bond Minicar as his first car, the one where you had to kick start the engine. He went all over East Anglia and courted his future wife in it. Different times!
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