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  1. Andy Flexney is after a BW. And is up your way.
  2. Not too bad. Easiest way to fit it is to change the flange on end of prop.
  3. Grips are just to nip the bottom a bit, clamp it in 3 or 4 places, you can set it so it just squashes the metal in a bit compressing the rubber, but does not shatter glass.
  4. Cranking only feed is the one that goes live at same time that engine is cranking. And provides the 12v to bypass ballast. it is a separate contact inside solenoid, it it was paired with red / white trigger wire it would lock starter on by back feeding via ballast resistor.
  5. There must be loads of Triumphs on Ebay, time to start trawling
  6. Mmmmm, looks We may not have been furnished with all the facts in this instance. So you put it in the oven, and for some strange reason it melted..... 🤔
  7. All you theories seem right. to test 12v cranking only feed, which is the spade opposite the one that triggers the solenoid, remove output lead to starter as you do not want engine turning at this stage, put a bulb on the cranking only spade, and then turn ignition key and see it bulb comes on when you get to stater position.
  8. If the bottom rail is in good condition (they rarely are) then a new bit of rubber sheet, bicycle or car inner tube is good, and clamp it to the bottom of the glass in a few places with mole-grips. should stay put. if that fails stick it in place with tiger seal.
  9. Just glue it back together! All of mine have been glued at some point, before flying off at speed, or getting crushed beyond repair.
  10. 6 weeks to go 3 years ago, none of the 3 of us had a working suitable (as in 4 seats) car, so we went and bought one blind at the auctions. Had to take gearbox and diff out to fix the cross shaft pin and a very leaky input seal and noisy bearing, and do a bit if rewiring. And fit better seats, and reseal winscreen, and get better tyres..... So you have plenty of time... 🙂
  11. Nice wheels, think you may have to flare the rear arches a bit.
  12. thescrapman

    GT6 Clutch

    Yes, take good care of it, though I can't you won't get another one. My dad had 4 at one point, though they struggle to find space for a 5th one apparently,
  13. Might be just sticky rings, hasn't run much for many years has it? I have a few engines that breathe like that, have all had a go in my PI, they'd didn't before I fitted them, but did after a few years of being driven by me (or Chris)
  14. thescrapman

    GT6 Clutch

    TR have bigger shaft so bigger centre in friction plate. Friction plate is not interchangeable with GT6. Bigger release bearing acts further out on the splines of the cover, so results in the heavier clutch.
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