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  1. I've got 7" rims on the Estate and the rear inner wheel arch lips need to be shaved and even then they're a bit tight ... I'd go down a size it'll make your life a lot easier or find some MKI trailing arms as they're narrower than the MKII's
  2. The RBRR is a driving event and I can't understand why those that choose to drive slower don't allow those that choose to go faster past them - I get the feeling that if they were in a modern on a motorway they'd be glued to the middle lane regardless of traffic conditions etc. A lot of good points in the previous post ... I like Steve's idea of the C2C as a qualifying event before the RBRR. 1, Complusory attendance at the drivers meeting by at least one crew member 2, 20 questions about your chosen model 3, Find the fault on a non starter - for reallistic simulation to be done outside in a darkened tent whilst being sprayed with cold water. 4, Do the hands look like they've ever used a spanner? 5, Then the all important fingernail test - small sample taken and it must contain a mixture of at least 2 out of 4 - Oil, grease, swarf, paint or blood ... if none present you're shown the door ??
  3. Excellent event as always - the time and dedication of the organisers is epic ! I think this was my 7th or 8th and they all have a different feel and vibe - this one was more relaxed on the timings which made the whole more relaxed too. In the past I've caught up slow drivers who didn't understand the concept of pulling over. The cars are all knocking on (like the drivers!) and if you think that it will breeze round because it's had a couple of runs to the shops then you're wrong. They need to go out for few 150+ mile shake downs before the event. The support and help you get from the other crews is fantsatic should something happen BUT it is down to you to KNOW your car ! If you leave all that stuff to a man that does then you may need to ask yourself "is this the event for me?" The idea of a broom wagon doesn't fly with me - what next a chauffeured motor home with a trailer so you can have a comfy nights sleep ?? The drivers meeting isn't people getting up at the front and letting their lips flap in the breeze for entertainment value, there are words of wisdom in there like "if a car comes up behind you it's obviously going faster so just pull over and let them go" and "don't put the new spare in a box fit it and take the old one as a spare". Drink water horse comes to mind. Would be nice to finish at the hotel and have a bar that stays open as long as people want - probably a bit of an ask to get all those who want to stay booked in but hey it's a wish list ! We could always stick a couple of these round the back of decent pub 😂 ??
  4. Are you taking a spare fuel pump 🤔? Do you think you may need to syphon? Fed up drinking petrol? Then you need the Ronco-Syphono-Matic !! Only available at select outlets for a mere £999.99 !!! Order YOURS today - Hurry while stocks last !!!
  5. Hi All, Not too sure if you've heard but from my contacts the pipeline for straight hooks and round-tuits are drying up - get it out there on all social media platforms now !!! Hopefully that'll get the morons on to a new problem. Cheers Pete
  6. Whilst searching for a door lock pull I came across one timkin front wheel bearing but there's no point just changing one so I'll wait for the pair to turn up .. they're coming from a reputable seller so I'm sure what's on the outside of the box will be what's on the inside but I'll double check 👍
  7. Well after Morecombe and Wise's earlier double act where they mentioned "wheel bearings", I'm now trying to work out if they have a crystal ball or ... As on my way home going slowly in traffic I heard that annoying cyclical squeak squeak that got faster as the car did, pulled in to a service station and the off side front wheel was a lot warmer than the near side 😒.. ordered a set of bearings while it cooled off followed by much slower drive home !!
  8. The HOF is ready 👍 Took it out last night for the first time since the Great Wiring Meltdown just before the 2018 RBRR (which was sadly missed) The interior is looking good and it'll be great to catch up with everyone at the drivers meeting. Cheers Pete
  9. Well on the blue barge - there's a bit to do! The loom had to be replaced as the old one just melted a few too many times ! So as you know it was a full interior strip out - then the new loom had to be tweaked at the back for the estate. I'm currently sorting all the woodwork so it should be great when it's done - probably a few months off getting her back on the road but looking forward to the event !! Cheers, Pete
  10. Hi Colin, Thanks for the reply. Do you know if Marcus has a write up or is there a post somewhere in the forum? Cheers, Pete
  11. Hi, Recently had a long trip in the newly acquired MkIV me and the other half both ended up with shoulder problems!... I'm 6'1" and 90Kg so not a lightweight ! so looking around the forum the MX5 seats seem to suit some but not others. I did sit in a Spit that had them and found that I sat way too high. The originals could be rebuilt but I'd also like headrests. These look nice but would prefer not to pay the price if there are others available but if they're a straightforward swap and work I may well invest!! http://www.corbeau-seats.com/classic-retro-series/sportsman So has anyone either used the above or found others that would suit?? Cheers, Pete
  12. The twisty bits of Wales!!... on the road to Sugar Loaf instead of following the roadbook our shatnav suggested a right turn would be a in order at one of the roundabouts, Dale's also decided it was the way to go .... what a belter that turned out to be !!!
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