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  1. Yes I saw it, but still going round in circles!!! finally crashed the circle and got it to connect to the club page πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  2. I did the TSSC Norfolk Scatter-Treasure Hunt, Nice drive around the Norfolk roads.
  3. Trying create the page is a PITA!!! just can't find even Club Triumph on there!! I have the old page form last year, but can't create a new one for this year. going round in circles on the just giving page site....
  4. My 2.5PI has had a fresh MOT in March, last weekend a run to Towcester to see a customer 300 miles round trip, won't say how much petrol was use but it was worth every mile🀣 as always never missed a beat.
  5. The GT6 MK1 2 speed wiper motor is only fitted to GT6 MK1 and TR2 to TR5, They are available new without drive gear, but exchange only...so only other option is second hand, if you can find one,recently tried buying a second hand unit on ebay went for nearly a £100 and it needed a overhaul, or other option convert a later wiper motor to fit πŸ˜‰   
  6. Think that engine has done a lot more miles than you think!! 😬  
  7. I went to bed at the normal time good nights sleep πŸ™‚, got up at 6.00am as usual, booted the laptop up at 6.45am checking facebook and Jonathan Ingram had left a facebook notice "are we in yet!!" so I logged into Club Triumph and it went very smoothly and we are Team 52. Then had my breakfast πŸ˜„ Well done Keith πŸ˜‰
  8. Re-check that you have the big end caps the right way round, very easy to get them wrong.
  9. Hi Charlie,   find the picture of the TR7 and to the right of the picture there is a box for entry list, click on it and it will take you to the list, at the top of the list is a enter button ;) David.
  10. CDD do shim kits for there shaft as well 
  11. Classic Driving Developments shaft are superior just fitting a set to a Vitesse £595.00 a pair, I have another set in stock     
  12. Having fitted a set to a customers car last year, we was very impressed with them, I also sent a set to another customer, He commented on how good they where, fit wise very good even the finish was better than expected. I can do a set cheaper than £840 by the way  David.
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