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  1. They are displaying this on their Facebook page.
  2. Rimmer's sent this email out on the 15th
  3. I have a booklet about Stromberg carbs.that includes needle charts that you may find useful. Available to download from my website. http://vitessesteve.co.uk/Other-manuals https://app.box.com/s/qnc1py2hx8hkro9f8o8a
  4. Are you running with the original airfilter and exhaust systems? Any changes to either the engine breathing in and out are likely to change the needle profile needed.
  5. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/KmYAAOSwgSthFou5/s-l400.jpg
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133854825982?hash=item1f2a5e8dfe:g:KmYAAOSwgSthFou5
  7. Please would you add the location and price of the car. Also any photos you can add would make it easier for a buyer to know what you are offering Please at least provide a link to your eBay advert as like Tim I can't find it. @rob welch
  8. Booth Poole & Co Ltd tax disc holder from 1970. I would like to see any dealer branded tax disc holders you have
  9. Good to see this thread again. Have you found any new Standard Triumph dealer material recently?
  10. Elsewhere I have the thread called "Triumph Car dealers" Last post probably early 2020. Will have a look through some old emails after lunch.
  11. Can you find my Triumph Car Dealers thread?
  12. Rusty Beauties https://youtube.com/c/ElinYakov Jade Muttley video no new content for a while but his Vitesse and GT6 rebuilds are well worth a look.
  13. Finally delivery on the D type overdrive I rescued from a garage clearance. I hope it either works as is or can be fettled to live on at its new home with @Clive
  14. Craig yes please. As I agreed with you when we meet at Malvern I would be happy to have email forwarding turned off for the old domain. Thanks for showing me round your coupe. Great to actually have a good look at it. Sorry to kept you talking so long your noodles went cold.
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