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  1. Last MOT'd in 2018 but still currently taxed, so the identity, if not the original car still exists!
  2. One for the organising team to ponder on perhaps - find an alternative for next time? @Tim Bancroft
  3. Not RBRR specific, but my Mk3 with J type overdrive consitently returned 38mpg on along steady crusing runs with over 30mpg on shorter wiggly bits. It's a standard engine but the carbs were properly rebuilt some years ago. My Stag struggled has averaged 25mpg on the last few 10CR's that it has done, with the worst section dropping to 21mpg (mountains) and the best coming in at around 27mpg. It used to do better, but the carbs are now pretty shot and not quite set up for the tubular manifolds it now has fitted. A rolling road session highlighted this as well as the fact that around 30 of it's original horses were missing! I need to decide where to invest the money - do I sort out the twin Strombergs, do I fit a Stagweber or similar or do I move to efi?
  4. Ellis has done this before, don't know what he used.
  5. There is a rolling road near me, here in Essex that will file your needles to a profile that suits your setup. Not sure you areanywhere near?
  6. I have been really hoping that the situation would improve enough for this event to go ahead. I have not done one for a few years but have always enjoyed them greatly! I'll keep an open mind on attendance to this one, however the riduculous situation of rip off priced mandatory Covid testing make it unlikely I'll be leaving the UK anytime soon - but there are a couple of months for things to change!
  7. Drat, only just seen this post - car looks like loads of fun, glad a new home has been found!
  8. I don't have a Vitesse reversing light to hand - but if you are referring to using a 21w indicator style bulb for your upgrade, then the LED equivalent would be something like this. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/brake-tail-light-bulbs/products/12v-ba15s-21w-led-4014-smd-bulb-classic-vehicle-p21w-glb382 It is the combined brake/tail lamp bulbs that have the offset pins.
  9. @Trolleybus A small bit of feedback - I have found if I click on the car icons for model related parts listings, a new tab is opened on my browser rather than a forward - backwards flow on the original window. Personally I prefer the latter?
  10. I'm struggling to find the above. Having been used to multiple, good value, quality suppliers for BMW, Audi, Land Rover and of course Triumph spares, I'm surprised to that all I can find for Merc parts are the usual motor factors such as ECP, GSF, Autodoc etc. Does anyone know of any alternatives?
  11. Does anyone know of a source for Kunifer brake line? I'm looking for a manufacturer / supplier rather than a reseller who cuts a few metres off a larger roll and marks up the price significantly. Copper doesn't seem so hard to find but Kunifer is looking a little more elusive!
  12. Nice to catch up with lots of old faces, some cracking driving roads there and back and an awesome curry on Sat night!
  13. Yes you are right, not sure what engine I am thinking of re taper - 1300fwd maybe?
  14. It looks like the retaining bolt (15) passes through the extension as well as the pulley? Have you already got this out?
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