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  1. Does 25A refer to its metered output or to it's maximum current rating?
  2. Not one that I have come across, sorry. What part of the country was it located?
  3. Well that's not quite correct, I did more thinking about it rather than working on it in the last 3 1/2 years, gotta catch up now!
  4. until
    The Hurdlemakers Arms are pleased to welcome us back for our first post lockdown meet up. With plenty of space and a couple of large marquees in their field, we should be able to hold a safe and compliant gathering. The usual good food, beer and hospitality will be available but tables need to be booked. So if you want to join us please email Mike ct@the-bish.co.uk Details about the pub can be found HERE
  5. mikeyb


    Ha ha, welcome back guys 🙂
  6. Arrgh! With an extension to build, I can only dream of pottering around in the garage!
  7. Web page not yet live, for info contact compsec@oxfordmotorclub.co.uk
  8. mikeyb

    Goodwood Revival

    For more info, click HERE
  9. until
    For more info, click HERE
  10. mikeyb

    LeMans 24hr Race

    Rescheduled date for 2021
  11. until
    Organised by TR Register/TSSC/MG Owners Club For more details click HERE Possible CT involvement - TBC
  12. until
  13. British GP Silverstone
  14. Info to follow once confirmed Likely to be at Gaydon
  15. until
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