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  1. until
    Club Triumph will have a stand at this local show, all are welcome. Open to the public from 10:00 until 5:30pm Staged across our 30-acre estate, there are over 60 beautiful gardens and landscapes for you to explore. You can enjoy: Entertainment Food and drink stalls Auto jumble and trade stalls Capel Manor animal collection Competitions and prizes Show your individual Triumph in the main arena: Classic and Vintage Car Show - Exhibitor at Capel Manor Gardens event tickets from TicketSource Public Entry: Capel Manor Gardens online ticket sales powered by TicketSource Capel Manor Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield EN1 4RQ
  2. Does anyone know if you can get a set of Mintex 1144 front brake pads for a Vitesse / Bond Equipe 2ltr Mk II ?
  3. A big thank you to Mike from Chris and Tony. We did not do very well it all went wrong just after turning left out of the car park! However there were some great roads, not sure they were the right ones of course but great fun anyway.
  4. Cheques in the post Mike. Chris Banks and Me will be doing it in the Stag unless Chris gets his 2000 MK ii on the road. Cheers Tony Pulis
  5. If you have ever thought of trying a 12 car Rally but never got round to it may I suggest that you give this one a go. They are addictive and great fun with a hint of competition and some roads you never knew existed. Cheques in the post.
  6. Didier has repaired my and it's Stag is ready for collection. Going over tomorrow, looks like a long day but it should be worth it in the end. Mike (Charlton), it might be an idea to contact Didier, have your Spitfire recovered to his garage north of Brussels and send the parts over. Just a thought
  7. Your the second person with a Hub in the boot, Keith Bennett had one as well. He pulled in to the petrol station up the road Sam his co-driver called me. However at this point in time I thought it was the diff nose cone had broken free. It wasn't until the recovery truck had got it loaded that it was clear the wheel bearing had given up. Thanks for the offer at the time, however I kept the bonnet down to try to stop anyone pulling over as we were in a dangerous place just after the bend in the road. As Nick said it was interesting re-joining the traffic you should have seen the difficulty Mike Banks had after pulling up behind me. Now that really was a "brown trouser" moment!! To be honest it hasn't spoilt the trip in any way as we had such a great time and to be fair it happened after the finish so I see it as a separate issue and if It hadn't  happened I would not have met up with Wim and Didier. They made us so welcome and really looked after us. I'm hoping to go back over on Saturday and collect it the insurance are taking care of the traveling costs.
  8. Thanks to Wim and Didier for all their help. They were very kind to Zac and myself and allowed us to recover the Stag to Didier's garage where he has ordered the parts to repair the car. I hope to go back and collect it on Saturday. Both Wim and Didier are big fans of Triumph's and I look forward to seeing them soon.
  9. Emailed my entry over to Mike Helm over a week ago so hoping to have secured a place. Zac, my co-driver for the last two 10CR's will be joining me again.  :)
  10. My trusty co-driver Zac has agreed to do it again. (it did take a barrel full of beer though) 8)
  11. Tony Pulis

    Diff rating

    I have fitted the ZF HP22 auto box otherwise known as the Tate and Lewis conversion. This used along with a standard 3.7:1 diff gives me s rev counter reading of 2550 rpm at 70 mph. However, the cost of the ZF box is £2,050.00 not cheap but much better than the old BW35. It transforms the stag into a true GT that it is. I also have a manual O/D with a 3.45:1 diff this gives a similar rev counter reading at 70 mph and only cost about £400.00.
  12. I have had the same idea for a while now and I found this site which is worth a look http://www.chromeeffects.co.uk/ 8)
  13. Help!! Can anyone explain how to transfer Ellis's tom tom file on to my tom tom device ??)
  14. I have been running a 3.45 diff in my Stag for about thee years now. It will cruise at 80mph and return 32mpg. I only use it for long journeys and the engine is very relaxed. As others have already stated the down side is the acceleration is not as good, but I can live with it and B roads are just as much fun as you can only go so fast around a bend in a standard Stag. If your not sure you might be able to pick an old one from a saloon or TR5/6 and see if it suits your style.
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