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  1. This is what i did when i installed a TLD cam in a 2.5 some years ago.Valve timing was 105 degrees ATDC from memory. Must have been pretty close as it went like a train. S
  2. I would get the timing checked,when i changed to electronic ignition the dizzy was in a very different position to the points setting for the same timing. Noisy chain shouldn`t make a difference unless its jumped a tooth. Steve
  3. My solution.. (2.5 engine) Alloy Rad from Radtec racing,Spal 11 inch sucker fan and thermo switch in the top hose. This pic doesn`t show it but it has a closed system with an aluminium tank next to the clutch and brake cylinders with a feed tapped into the thermostat housing and return from the inlet manifold. Haven`t tested it abroad but a six hour journey up the M6 in August crawling along never saw the temp go over 3/4 on the gauge. S
  4. I bought a rear ARB kit from TriumphTune in 1986,still in the garage... Steve
  5. Steve P

    Standard Cam

    In my Vitesse(2.5 and Saloon box)the clutch was notchy with no feel,it has an Ap clutch. The biggest improvement i found was fitting the old brass bearing carrier back in,now its smooth and light. Steve
  6. I run the single rail with j type od in my Herald 1360 with a 3.63 diff and it pulls fine and will cruise at 80 easily. Twin carbs and a 4-1 manifold and Vitesse system though. S
  7. An old TT 6 pot one sold on e- bay on Sunday for 43 quid,(not my one). S
  8. 1526 wrote: I have history with SAH bits on Heralds and TR engines going back to the 1960s and twice tried to buy SAH rocker covers last year for my saloons from different sources advertised on Forums.  Stitched up twice and lost my money - taking it up with the Police because there may be a link between the people (Bedford and Caister/Great Yarmouth), and a cover would appear to have been left on the car when sold and not removed after I paid for it. Moral.  If buying off the Forum make sure it is someone who is known and honest and with a history on the Forum - not a newbe! i`m not from Bedford or Caister-and not a newbee i don`t think. :) S
  9. Didn`t know they were still making those,i have two old ones in my garage,one silver and one black,and an SAH one. Crap casting on those new ones,same as the new Weber manifolds. Steve
  10. Its not oil starvation is it?,my rebuilt 2.5 bent a push rod on number 1 due to the rocker shaft being fitted with no screw in the end,all the oil poured straight out of the top of the shaft rather than feeding the arms. Steve.
  11. That fan doesn't look "thin"to me,i had minimal clearance on my Vitesse and fitted a Spal 11 inch sucker fan,very slim. Steve
  12. I had a 2R cam in my 2.5 Vitesse until recently.2R is a TLD cam. It gave plenty of low down torque but due to a compression of over 11:1(bodged skim)it wouldn`t rev. My new engine has a TR5 cam running on HS6 carbs and a compression ratio of 10:1 along with a flowed head and inlet manifold+6-3-1. Whilst i cant give you any actual figures for HP because i`m still running it in,it feels strong and will pull from 1200 revs in high gears easily.Gearing on your car may affect things but i have a saloon box with j type O/d and a 3.27 diff.Still on 13 inch wheels though. It has a lumpy tickover but the needles aren`t right yet as its too lean up the range. Steve
  13. Steve P


    Get an aluminium one. Steve
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