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  1. My Vitesse failed in 2012 when the shaft snapped at the woodruff key in the hub and the wheel departed with the brake drum still attached,was that avoidable?. S
  2. Bond seats in my Vitesse on original runners,i am 6 foot 1, really like them,not tried sleeping in it though. Steve
  3. those modern repro ones don`t have the metal divider between the 2 bulbs,i saw Colin Lindsay made some out of a chocolate tin on his ones. S
  4. Hello Tim, I`m in Surrey but that`s what my company does for a living,pm if you are interested in a quote. Regards Steve
  5. What date is that Clive,any spectators allowed in?. Steve
  6. I have a Blackline (chinese Quaiffe) ATB diff i need built into a 3:27 for the Vitesse which i think they have done before.Might call them. Steve
  7. My Vitesse,not a lot really,need to rebush the front suspension.Herald,new 1500 is in and done 500 miles,have to rebuild front and rear suspension and do the CV conersion i have on the shelf. Steve
  8. Not sure where you are or if you want Saloon or Convertible but this one may be worth a look,not perfect but useable if the ad is genuine(IF). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Herald-Convertible/254815732453?hash=item3b543382e5:g:yN4AAOSwFvVf4x~z Steve
  9. Steve P

    MK1 Vitesse

    I have the same setup in my MK1 Vitesse,a slightly tuned 2.5 on that manifold,also modified inside for better flow.Short Dashpots. If yours is swing axle shafts you need to be careful,mine ate a driveshaft on the RBRR in Cornwall,snapped at the hub end,being overtaken by your own back wheel isn`t great. Steve
  10. And get rid of the Bots which seem to far outnumber the online users. S
  11. Am i missing something,TDC and the distributor is pointing to Number 4?? Should be 1 surely?. Steve
  12. There are also different length carriers,the brass one is the same as i had on the Vitesse,i had to change to a steel saloon one when i replaced the clutch with a paddle type plate as it was not disengaging and giving big clutch slip when booted. Saloon flywheel is thicker than the GT6/Vitesse one hence the shorter carrier.And they weigh as much as a small moon. Also i experimented with Vitesse 1600 and saloon slaves to get different travel. Need to know what components you have otherwise it`s all guesswork. S
  13. So it`s a 2.5 engine with a GT6 box,so which engine backplate,flywheel and clutch was fitted?. I have a 2.5 Vitesse but i used a saloon gearbox, Vitesse  backplate and flywheel. Clutch geometry took ages to get right and included chopping the slave operating rod to different lengths to get right. Yours looks like it`s too far forward and not disengaging. Steve
  14. Seems like the largest number of users on here now are bots. S
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