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  1. As I understand it: If you get a fail, then you must fix it and get a pass before you can use it on the road. However, if you have an mot and it expires then you just continue using it. Perhaps others can confirm or correct me?
  2. Renault 21 disc. 265mm (the hard to find one!)
  3. Says he who had an MOTed vitesse ready to go, but used his Spitfire instead due to a few teething problems..... I wanted to use the stag, but my little brother refused. I even had the offer of help from Craig and Dave Marshall locally, but had to keep my co-driver on side.
  4. Fix the yellow stag (which I had planned for 2016, but only got as far as looking underneath!) This should involve: lots of welding 3.9 efi Rover v8 4hp22 auto box BMW diff CDD CV drive shafts and hubs Jag brakes on front BMW e30 servo improved seats fitting a hood. superforma  wheel spacers Rover 800 16" wheels LPG conversion HID headlamps x4 front and rear foglights So yes  - that's basically my saloon, but auto in a convertible shell! It would be nice to have it done and use it for 10CR 2017 as a practice trip, but in reality we'll probably be fitting the diff on the Thursday before the start like usual!
  5. Alex, I am sorry but it looks much better with the cover on it! And I cannot believe you still haven't cleaned the rest to match the bonnet.
  6. It will be the clutch slave cylinder jammed at the end of its travel. This often happens after a prolonged lay-up! Be careful taking the slave out as all the force of the clutch will be trying to push it out of the clamp as you undo it.
  7. I expect the steering lock is the same as a 2000 and dolomite?  where abouts are you?
  8. All this talk of current entry numbers... where does it come from? The latest list I can see is only up to about 85... earlier in this thread!
  9. ECU now into the passenger footwell and the olds birdsnext removed from the engine bay. Just taken for a quick spin and all seems good. Ni'night!
  10. If I keep it, it'll be well used. I do a lot of motorway miles - all over the country, which the MKII V8 saloon eats up quite happily. How many miles is considered "prolonged motorway use"? 30 miles at 70 (+ish) down to Bristol? 70 miles down the M40 to London? or only 150 + up the m6? My thought as I get it back to roadworthy condition (brake cyls, clutch slave, balljoints etc, is that an oil cooler will prolong its life
  11. Spin off conversion? - that is for straight six's only isn't it? I haven't seen one for the 4 cyls. But Moss, Canleys,  etc seem to list a non return 'tube' that is used with the oil cooler adaptor?
  12. I am getting my 1979 1500 spitfire back on the road after 5 years rest. It has overdrive and a kenlowe fan, but if I am going to do a lot of distance driving and sit on motorways is it worth adding an oil cooler? I remember hearing that the sudden drop in pressure created as the oil thermostat opens can be bad for the engine. Equally over cooling if you don't fit a thermostat is also bad.   The engine seems pretty good at the moment - ie. not rattling. I haven't put a gauge on it, but I know it is meant to have an unleaded conversion too. I think I have a cooler and a thermostat, so its just a take-off housing and some pipes. Should I fit one or not? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Why do 1500 clutch slave cylinders always seize up when stood for long periods? On big saloons, 1850s and sprints the plate rusts to the flywheel so a quick flick of the key in gear with clutch depressed and you are fixed. Previously on the Toledo, and now the spitfire, the clutch plate is fine, but two presses of the clutch and all the gears are neutral. Now I have to gingerly undo the clamp bolt and wait for the cylinder to be "shot" out of the bell housing by the compressed clutch. How come only 1500 cylinders seam to do this?
  14. Any 1300 or 1500 should be fitted with overdrive. Even on a Toledo it makes a huge difference. Saving in fuel, plus wear and tear on the engine, plus they cruise so much more comfortably when the revs are back down to 3-3500 rpm rather than 4000+ Just beginning getting my 1500 o/d spitfire which has been off the road since 2009 back on the road. I had decided that with two children it wasn't practical, but having had a nose around it, it might just have to stay!
  15. djw113uk

    2500 engine woes

    Got any nice seats that will fit my spitfire?
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