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  1. Wrote my TR7 off almost exactly one month ago. The insurance company & broker (Bishop Calway/KGM) have been brilliant and paid the full agreed amount less the 100 excess and 200 for the written off car within three weeks. The insurers allowed me to transfer the insurance to the new car for just a tenner! The only problem is that when I asked to increase the mileage to more than 5k/year they can't - a C2C + a 10CR is 3k so will rapidly run out of miles. What mileage allowance are other insurers offering?
  2. Chris Shaw is still hoping to convert his Tr7 Sprint to Miata engine in time for the RBRR. What about a competition to see who can get their car finished in time 🤣
  3. For the past few days I have been unable to access the Rimmer's web site. It simply fails to load - does anyone know if the web site is down or is there another problem? H
  4. Clearly planning to be the very first at every control point 😃
  5. This is my replacement for my Oporto Red much used 7. Its a TR7 V8 so will have to think about where the fuel stations are for once! Just hope it is as reliable. Cheers Howard
  6. Many Triumphs as far as I am aware are missing the VIN number stamped onto the bodyshell so there is no way of identifying a body swap on most Tr7's including mine - I know where the number should be but quite simply is not there! Having just had my 7 declared a cat B loss which requires the body shell to be destroyed this is not entirely academic since I was advised it mine could still be changed to a historically significant car next April (when it is 40 years old) & the body "repaired" and the identity maintained. The insurance company rang me after everything was finalised to inform me that this option would remains ! ... Cheers Howard
  7. Ben That's great. I will PM you a google link to the first section when its uploaded so you can have a go. Cheers Howard
  8. Linux Mint V20.2 running Blender / FFmpeg on i7 8th gen precessor with 8GB memory.
  9. I recorded the entire 2021 C2C on video - all 12 hours of it - and am trying to create a speeded version (circa 16-20 times) so its actually watchable. My machine & software are unable to work with the large file sizes so is there anyone out there who could help? Currently its split into 4 sections varying between 6 & 32 GB each. Thanks Howard
  10. I will discover just how thirsty it is on the RBRR - as the insurance company only charged me 200 quid to keep the damaged car which has a rebuilt engine and gearbox, I might do reverse swap V8 to slant 4 if the fuel consumption is to high! Cheers Howard
  11. Going to have a look at a couple of 7's on Friday so fingers crossed one will be OK
  12. I am very much hoping to be there in a Triumph at the start - nothing definite as yet, but there are a couple of possibilities.
  13. The insurance assessor has come and gone & confirmed that the chassis is bent so car is not economically repairable, so I now have a few weeks to find a replacement for the RBRR.
  14. The insurance company inspector is coming tomorrow, but I think he will concur that the Mono is not economically salvageable - technically it is possible but would need a proper jig to straighten the car and a complete strip down & some of the necessary panels are not available.
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