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  1. In between coats of paint drying on a non triumph job, i thought id prep some more dolomite parts. What i found is that the aqua blaster is great for cleaning up old rubber parts. The subframe mounts have come up like new. Still soft and flexible. I guess the exposed parts being covered in underseal from new helped prolong their life. Then i did one of the headlamp rings too. Cany de-rust this with acid as it has the brass inserts for the adjusters.
  2. But the rule has never been ammended. The only thing that has happened is the DVLA gave clarity on what constitues "destruction of the identity". That said, the rule could not allow a shell swap under any resonable interpratation. Now, or in the past.
  3. Apparantly this lot i bought on the last RBRR was deemed as "excessive" 🙂
  4. Just giving is still an utter waste of space. Totally uninteligible. Having wasted an hour working out what to do, having arrived at the teams creations page, it wont complete and simply says "something went wrong". Nothing i do gets me past this point. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Im still looking for some standard size oil control rings.
  6. Not much progress to report. Too much other stuff/work/life at the moment. But, bought an aqua blaster. Super useful. Amongst other things, put the cylinder head and intake manifold through it. And tackled the corrosion on the bottom of the wing/sill. The wing itself was pretty good, but the sill behind it was holed. Fortunately didnt extend far at all. So patched and wing refitted.
  7. Got to put the screws back in the parcel shelf that fell out on the Border Raiders, thanks to some, erm, large potholes. Might have a stab at fixing the mileometer on the speedo.
  8. Yes, definitely. Cuts down road noise massively compared to soft top. Mind you, the zip is busted on the soft top, so little in the way of options!
  9. Dont be disappointed. Its a great achievement. Bigger isnt always better.
  10. Sadly, i am right. The 8 point rule has remained unchanged since its inception. Plenty of myths about it though.
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