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  1. Things like carpets, speakers etc really improve your experience of the run. Getting in and out and having to pull carpets back from the under pedals really gets irritating over 2000 miles when you are a bit tired. Squeaks, rattles I’ll fitting doors, windows etc are in the same league. This year is the first time in 3 goes that I’ve time to fiddle with such matters. Usually just happy it actually drives…!! Bob
  2. MOT for the GT6 on Thursday - 1st one since put back together. It was a stalled restoration I bought. In the end I've checked and replaced most things including a rotoflex rear end rebuild, new bearings and re shimming in the last month. Done about 300 mixed miles since so hoping got the end float right so it doesn't weld the bearings to the hubs.... Used as a daily driver which has thrown up a few issues. Not least a lightweight alternator bracket off ebay (welded steel as opposed to the cast original). This has snapped. So if you have one like this, be wary - not up to the job in my case. That's something you cant really fix by the side of the road..... Otherwise, need to check mixture, change oil, filter check replacement fan belt. I bought a spare accusspark distributor and intend to swap out original and set up spare so I know it works with a spare clamp. A distributor swap saved my bacon in 2016 on my spitfire. Check out any delco spare rotor arms as these are crap - even some ones that are coloured red! Bob
  3. Rob, I agree the staggered start to registration idea is what is anticipated but it wouldn’t it be better to clearly ask people to arrive in time to register for a 11.30 meeting start. Don’t see why there is an issue with saying registration from 10.30 and meeting to start at 11.30 prompt. Please ensure you arrive in sufficient time to register prior to the meeting. That is presumably what everyone wants? Can’t understand the reluctance to make it clear. If you wanted to make it a bit more complicated you could say those within x miles please try and arrive by 10.30, those within xx miles 10.45 etc etc I just know this meeting can last a long time and starting on time gives you a chance of finishing at a reasonable hour. I was at the famous unending Macmillan Cancer meeting and know a few who said they’d never go to another…that’s not good. Bob
  4. On another matter, what does "RallyAppLive checking" involve? It's the one bit that is unfamiliar to me. Is it something that would be helpful to look at in advance of the meeting. Usually anything to do with technology can go tits up - especially where I'm involved!! Looking back I see it was mentioned in Tim's email in April (although called RallyLink there - presumably same thing). Bob
  5. Sorry, doors open doesn’t necessarily mean get there at 10.30 at all. It means if you get there at 10.30 you can get in and that’s about it. It may imply what you say but, human nature being what it is, it could means lots of people turn up later on. I’d just like to know that everyone else will make the effort to turn up at 10.30 so the day is a short as possible. For me to get there at 10.30 I need to leave home at 7.00am. That’s fine but I don’t want to get up at 6.00am only to find out the meeting doesn’t start until 12.00 or 1.00 or whenever. The thought of a meeting that could last until 15.30 per Tim’s comments - 4 hours if it starts on time - is a good reason to ask for stuff to be posted! Which would be a shame because I agree it’s nice to feel the buzz of the event and pick up some info that, even after doing 3 previously, could be helpful. Bob
  6. What does doors open mean? Does this mean we need to be there for 10.30am on the dot to check entries etc in time for a meeting start at 11.30? I’d rather be told precisely when to get there - ideally not 2 hours before there is any chance of the meeting starting. It’s a very long day for those of us who are a few hours away. If the meeting drags on - which it can, and has, or doesn’t start promptly people start to leave…..
  7. Well in the last few months I’ve replaced the overdrive and just this week replaced the rotoflexes and bearings along with radius arm brackets on my GT6. Wasn’t planning on doing this. Hope I’ve got the shimming right and the hubs don’t seize up mid run…. Putting some miles on it now…. it always comes round quicker than you think. On my first RBRR tr4 engine rebuild finished about a week prior to event! Not ideal…
  8. I found that my late Mk3 had 2 sets of holes and captives - one fitted the original mk3 runners and the others fitted some later runners and seats that I fitted for RBRR purposes (recliners) Bob
  9. Yes, well done to all concerned. Let's hope the forum now becomes a well frequented informative place like it once was. Bob
  10. Is the password for the members pages the same as for the forum and the member centre.  if so, doesnt seem to work - page just freezes.  However i can see that my cars and their full details are on register.  Maybe cos im using an ipad?   Bob
  11. Driving on a1 near Newark today and motorway signs said something about the a1 being closed Friday night from the A46 (or could be A47) shot past sign and didn't see another so not 100% certain.  I was heading south so presume shut on south side.  No time, just said Friday -  can't find any details on web - anyone else know of this? Bob
  12. Being a local, I think Thirsk (a168 is dual carriage way from Dishforth) Northallerton then skirt round the outskirts of Darlington is a good bet.  The A167 is a reasonable driving road but I imagine it will be a bit busy with the A1 shut.  I am just concerned that if you aim for Scotch Corner (ie head towards Leyburn from Bedale and then make for Richmond (via Patrick Brompton I think) then Scotch Corner may be a mess if resurfacing.   Bob
  13. That's not the same set of roadworks!!  its an ealrier stretch - hope thats not right!  I think its a generalisation to say there could be closures throughtout the upgraded stretch - pretty useless info from the official website!   bob
  14. ive just tried to see exactly what is closed, but apart from press releases, there is nothing of any use on any official website that I can see.  Not even clear if you can get back on the A1 at scotch corner- its  bit of  mess there already.  I note one of the press releases say they are resurfacing the slip roads at Scotch Corner during the closure which may mean you cant get back on.......who knows!? I live in the area and night closures have been pretty frequent and often choas on the surrounding roads. bob
  15. I was at the drivers' meeting today.  Good job done.  Big improvement on last year (partly due to the charity rep keeping it short and sweet!)  Anyway, there was a discussion re petrol stations in the Q&A that was useful.  Clearly some detailed knowledge on offer - a lot of which I couldnt get down.  Would it be possible for those in the know to list the late night garages etc in Scotland and Wales? Bob
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