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  1. after reading back this post, i am not sure it conveyed all that was intended, so i will clarify. i will be attending stoneleigh this year ( sun 11th feb ), BUT i will not have a stand / pitch. i am attending, simply to have a mooch around and catch up with friends old and new and have a natter etc, SO as i will be there already, i am offering to take up any ones pre paid orders, saving you all the postal and packing charges, last orders to be received by 7TH FEB please, any orders placed after this date will be processed and posted dependent upon stock . SEE BRAND NEW WEBSITE for futher details nearer the time i will give you all a time and place to meet me on the day for collection, but it will prob be outside the main doors around mid day ( 12 o'clock ), but please all, note this number down, allowing you to ring me on the day should you need  07920796802 the new website where all products can be viewed is www. south wales triumphs. com  the site is not totally finished as there are just a few more pictures to be added, but most are there to view, plus costs of everything. use the site to order or email me direct on lloyd.reed02@gmail.com LONG LIVE THE T2000 !!!!!!    
  2. hi all and happy new year. just to let you all know, i will be at stoneleigh this year, so if anyone requires anything, give me a shout, and i can bring it along to save you the postage, plus if anyone has placed orders, check to see if they will be with me in time and i can bring them along also. in stock panels are : mk1 & 2 full outer pressed sills centre pressed sills inner sills mk1 & 2 rear arches pressed front floor pans front outriggers mk2 front half pressed wings flitch panels n/s rear spring hangers rear jacking points mk2 rear full pressed valance mk2 rear wings full NOS mk2 front arches n/s front wing fixing brackets reconditioned full anti roll bar kits ( exchange units required ) reconditioned full power steering kits ( exchange units required ) reconditioned track control arms (  exchange units required ) reconditioned mk1 & estate rear diff mounting cradle (   exchange units required ) if there is something you require and cannot see on the list, just drop me an email, tell me your requirements, and i will see if i can help. PLEASE EMAIL ME ON lloyd.reed02@gmail.com AS I AM NOT ON HERE THAT OFTEN TO PICK UP MESSAGES all the best lloyd ADMIN, IF I HAVE POSTED THIS IN THE WRONG SECTION, PLEASE INFORM ME AS I WAS NOT SURE IF IT SHOULD BE IN GENERAL DISCUSSION OR FOR SALE ITEMS ??
  3. hi matt, yes boyo, ive never stopped doing any variant of panel that ive had remanufactured, just some are not always in stock and have to be ordered, and lead times vary from 3-7 months dependant on which manufacturer the panels are coming from. send me an email and i'll send you the list of panels that i have made, its a big list !!
  4. thanks martin, glad you are happy 🙂 front floor pan pressings arrived today, so if anyone needs any, please email me, £85 each side. also arrived last week was another batch of full outer and centre sills, mk1 and mk2, again if anyone needs any, please email me. lloyd.reed02@gmail.com onwards and upwards !!
  5. hi all, mk1 and mk2 rear half wing pressed panels also available soon, so between the fabricated panels and the pressed ones, there should be a panel to suit every ones taste and wallet 🙂 all pressed panels will be to OE spec long live the t2000 !!
  6. hi all, as you all know, i have had all these panels made because we needed them to save our cars from extinction, and because of my huge passion for these great cars i was not prepared to let them become extinct. Now, its been a huge learning curve and it is also a work in progress, as i am always trying to offer you all, every panel that we need, but also to better what i'm doing all the time. Some panels as you are aware are fabricated and some are pressed, in an ideal world all panels would be pressed, but the tooling costs a fortune along with minimum order numbers !! BUT, i am NOW able to offer PRESSED mk2 front wings, that will be to a size of 7" above the top of the wheel arch and be in straight line from front to rear of the panel, or put another way, at 90 degrees to the door edge of the wing, SO VIRTUALLY TO THE TOP OF THE WING FOLD. the cost each will be £370.00. I can also offer you FULL PRESSED mk2 front wing skins, but it will make your eyes bleed at the cost of them !!!! ALSO, i am having front floor pans pressed as well, these will cost £85 each. lloyd.reed02@gmail.com ONWARDS AND UPWARDS !!!
  7. hi dave, i did indeed sell some goodies to danny, gotta be over 2 years ago now, and we've kept in touch ever since, plus matt and sam had a hand in the article in pc, very good of them all !! i did look into some dolly panels for you, didnt they all turn out to be too expensive for req numbers ?
  8. hi all, just to let you know that i am taking limited numbers of outer and centre sills with me to stoneleigh ( the proper ones that fit like a glove ) along with the other panels, these always go like hotcakes, SO IF YOU WANT ANY BEFORE THEY ALL GO AT STONELEIGH, email me on lloyd.reed02@gmail.com to reserve what you want, and i can collect from me at stoneleigh to save you the p&p. alot have already been snapped up, but here is what i have left MAYBE 1no n/s mk1 outer ( still awaiting payment ) 1no o/s mk1 outer 3no o/s mk2 outer 5no n/s mk2 outer 4no o/s centre 4no n/s centre hall 3 stand 402B lloyd
  9. hi all, i am still awaiting batch no 2 of panels that were due in nov/dec, i have been promised these in the next 2 weeks. for those that have ordered, i have a pitch at stoneleigh this year, so if you wish to collect from me there, just let me know, and i will bring your panels along for you. i have ordered exta panels, as so, i will have them for sale on the day, assuming the order is ready in time !!!! or i will be stood there with a stall full of nothing to sell !! my pitch is in hall 3. if i dont know you, please bring photo i.d or your reciept or i will not release panel/s, sorry to sound harsh but there are some nasty pasties out there.
  10. my email is finally sorted, so for any of you that emailed me and didnt recieve my response, HERE IS MY NEW EMAIL ADDY lloyd.reed02@gmail.com. this has been a nightmare with the amount of emails i recieve, and my apologies to all that i thought had recieved my response but infact didnt and for those that sent me emails that i didnt recieve !! right then, any more for any more panels before i put the order in midweek, as ive extended the deadline due to my email probs, in particular sills, mk1 front valances, mk1 front wing arches, arch bowls and rear valances, plz email me on the above if there is. thanks all lloyd
  11. no colin, v19 is the latest, do you want me to email you one ? drop me a line on lloyd.reed01@virgin.net if you do
  12. im placing an order with the manufacturer at the end of the week, if anyone needs any panels, plz let me know by then. still waiting on some p&p payments and for some of you to let me know when you want to collect ( from batch 1 )
  13. hi all, im having real problems with my email since virgin upgraded / changed it, so if any of you have emailed me and havent had a reply, i HAVE responded to you, but im not sure anything is reaching you, ive also LOST loads of emails, so if you are waiting for a reply and havent had one, im not ignoring you, and you can always reach me on the ct and reg forum along with facebook and my mobile 07920796802. lloyd
  14. i have the same problem with one of my t2000's as well, and im also in cardiff  (dance), how did you get on with the door barrels paul, did they yield a number that worked ?
  15. i forgot to mention, to all that have ordered outer wings, front or rear, mk1 or mk2, do you require arch bowls, ive had them made in full or repair if you do.  
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