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  1. I have a twin room (Superior Premium Twin Room no less!) reserved at the Novotel at Knebworth for the Sunday evening at the end of the run. Cost is £63 - Room only - no breakfast included. As I need to be back in the office at 7am Monday, I will return home on Sunday so do not need the room. As I reserved it on Booking.com I can cancel the booking up until the night before at no cost but thought I'd offer it up first just in case they are full and anybody else could use it. Would anybody else like the room before I cancel it?
  2. My previous 2 RBRRs were in my Dolomite Sprint that has now been sold so I needed a new car for this time. Purchased for the event this year. We have added an overdrive gearbox but otherwise totally standard apart from the wheels. Driven 360 miles home from Scotland on the day of purchase so its had a bit of a test already.
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