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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply. yes this one was the one on ebay. It has the gt6 wide groove part number engraved onto it 308778. It looks to be a reprofiled camshaft i think. Im going to attempt to measure it up and see if it is useable.
  2. RMC590L


    I was hoping to keep it 2l but just try and improve torque and power a little. 
  3. RMC590L


    Ok thank you. I was assuming it hasent got this cam. I may well be wrong though. Im going by the tech sheet on chris witors website at the moment as i havent stripped my engine yet. 
  4. Could anyone tell me which cam this part number corresponds with. It is CM6116AR. Basically i want to no if this is a camshaft for the CP 150bhp engine or the CR 125bhp engine. I think i have my information right about the engines. Im not a tr driver!
  5. RMC590L


    Im looking to do a engine rebuild on my 1973 2000 2litre. I want to try and increase the power a bit without losing drivability. I have been looking into camshafts. One that i have been looking at is from a tr6. I have been told there are 2 different power engines in tr6's. The CR version at125bhp and the CP version at150bhp. Its been suggested to me that the cam from the lower powered CR engine will work in a 2 litre engine and do what im asking.  Has anyone fitted a tr6 camshaft to a 2 litre? If someone has what was the results? I can get my engine number if needed.  Thanks i
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