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  1. Thank you everyone for your helpful comments. It's reassuring, though rather scary, that I'm not the only one who has experienced this. It sounds as though none of you had accidents when your brakes failed, and I'm pleased to hear that. I don't recall ever having this issue before either when I owned Heralds in 70's or since owning Ruby. A good overhaul and replacing MC and the fluid sounds in order. Not sure how old the fluid is. I'll check with the guy that does the servicing as to whether he has replaced it any time. If not then it'll be some years old.
  2. keith417

    Brake Failure

    Last October, Christine and I decided to do a mini RBRR in Ruby, our 1963 Herald 1200 Saloon, over a distance of some 225 miles. During one section about half way round we got held up in a long queue of traffic edging forward very slowly for a considerable period of time - stop/start, you now the kind of thing. Following that Christine (who was driving at the time) said the brakes didn't feel "quite right". Then as we approached a T-junction to a major A-road we had complete brake failure. Christine had the presence of mind to use the handbrake and we slewed across to the centre of the road, w
  3. Hi Rob, Have had family with us all weekend, so haven't checked out Forum. Excuse my ignorance - "I'll PM you re:sale" PM?  
  4. Hi Rob, Yes, a bit different but it looks like the fixing holes are in about the same position. As far as I recall the size of the doors on the Herald and the Vitesse are the same. Although it still functions OK the passenger door mechanism is also worn (only know this as I used that to see what the other one should be like and how it worked). So a pair would be very acceptable. Are you willing to sell? If so, how much? Happy to pay for postage, though I notice you are also in Cambridge group so we may not be too far from each other. I actually live in S Lincs but very close to the border.
  5. Hi Rob, Thank for replying and for being willing to check our your spares. I've been doing a bit more tinkering and have managed to get the cylinder to stay in the elongated holes in the panels on either side but the central rod is clearly well worn so it may only be a temporary solution. At least I am able to open the door from the inside for the time being! Would still consider having a spare to hand in case it goes again.
  6. The mechanism for opening and locking the door, known as the remote control, in the driver's door on our Triumph Herald is malfunctioning. The small cylinder section that sits in the mechanism immediately behind the internal handle on the door right by the crossover of the two springs has dislodged. I've tried refitting it but very time I activate the handle is dislodges again. See photos So I replacement - I thought. It appears this part is no longer available from the likes of Rimmer Bros. So searched the web (ebay etc) but come up with nothing secondhand. Can anyone help? Either w
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