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  1. I worked it out...back plate is the same either side.
  2. Anyone know if the backplate of these L584 units is handed, or just the lens and rubber seal? I need a LH base but can only find a RH one in driving distance to get today. The seller says there's a slight curve at the top, but I can only see this on the seal. In the picture below it looks like I could just flip the unit over
  3. Thanks for your help. I'll go back and take the headlamp out. I already have a flexi-driver with various bits, so maybe that will work. Typical classic car timing that I've only just had the headlamps out to fit LEDs and spent ages tidying up the cables and securing the control units. Hopefully I won't disturb much of that work. If not I'll just tell myself that's why we love this hobby!
  4. I've found out why my front left indicator on my Vitesse 6 convertible has recently stopped flashing - the wire has become detached from the spring-loaded positive contact button. Can't see how to repair, so assume I need a new L584 back plate. But how do I reach the nut the far side of the unit, deep in the recess? I can't even contort myself to get my finger to touch it.
  5. Nice blogspot, and your car is looking great!  Seemingly a happy and productive time tucked away in the shed, out of the Dutch winter. All my shed hours so far this year have involved filling it with fumes, wondering why it's surrounded by so much mud and rotting leaves, making no progress on my car, and dreaming of a better shed
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