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  1. Nick is surely right. Michael, did you mean to type £10,000 instead?
  2. Congrats Hazen! How exciting must that have been after so many years on the restoration. How did it drive, and what did your wife think? BTW I have windscreen envy - I didn't know such a thing existed, but even after a thorough clean I could hardly see through mine with the low evening sun at the weekend
  3. Tim kindly started this thread for me, so I should report back. I opted for MGF seats on the basis of the classic look of the MK1 seats and the reasonable cost/availability. Plus fitting was simple per the easy to find guide (from Adam in NZ for tssc?). We're really pleased with the results. Can't recline past the B pillar, but sliding forward to allow enough recline still left our legs comfortable. We each had one good solid 2hr sleep per night on RBRR, and it was probably adrenalin and minor car/route/event issues that prevented more. Re height: I've used the mgf runners. The seats do sit a little higher but not much, and we didn't notice it while driving. We did notice that being wider we're slight further over toward the door, making the steering wheel sit to our left. Soon forgotten. Photo below gives an idea of height difference. On the side-by-side photo, the vitesse seat is without runners, the mgf on its runners but with the 4 corner fitting brackets cut and ground off.
  4. More seats! Having just retrimmed my GT6 seats I've taken the quicker and cheaper route on the Vitesse and fitted MGF seats. Allegedly more comfortable too, and I can't wait for my first test drive tonight
  5. Great to hear - thanks yorkshire, Ben and glang for your quick help with this. I do have the separate header tank, but there's little in there at the moment. And I don't mind a fair bit of spillage as my evening suddenly looks better and doesn't involve shopping for more antifreeze and water 🙂
  6. My thermostat (in a Vitesse 6) appears to have packed up. WSM indicates draining the coolant before opening the housing to replace. As I only just flushed my system and refilled, can I get away with a quick opening of the housing, thermostat swap, new gasket and a bit of spillage; or would this introduce unshiftable air bubbles or other issues? That sounds a bit cheap now I've written it, but it seemed sensible to avoid unnecessary effort and coolant usage!
  7. Exciting progress Hazen. Great to see!
  8. Thanks - good reasons to switch to a larger reservoir. I'll do that over winter. I've been running silicone brake fluid since I got the car. A mechanic recently told me it's as bad for paint as DOT3/4, but I was surprised by that and all the product blurb seems to say otherwise.
  9. Rob, I've had the car 3 years. It's been slowly revealing a few secrets, as seems to be the norm, so your suspicion could well be correct. I think I'll replace the clutch MC now with a standard size reservoir one, and leave the brakes alone - as they're working and there seems to be an alarming list of things that aren't at present. Then I can sort everything out properly over winter and try to do some better rust removal and painting.
  10. Thanks. Looks out of stock (though available to order) so I'll have to have a look around quickly as I'd like to get something posted today. No need for the larger reservoir it seems.
  11. What are the correct MCs for a Vitesse 6? It always struck me as odd that my car arrived with a large cylinder for the clutch and small for the brakes. See pic. Paint was starting to ripple, so I popped the bubbles and found lots of surface rust below. Have I been sloppy in topping up the DOT5.1 (and is that actually a paint stripper like DOT3 - I'd heard it was safer for spills)? Maybe it was an imperceptible leak, as the clutch MC emptied itself over the last week, filling the rubber boot and oozing out onto the scuttle. What is the correct replacement part? There's some sludge at the bottom of the cylinder - do I need to service the slave cylinder? Do I need to replace the small brake MC while I'm at it?
  12. Great stuff Pete! Glad it's going to a good home and we'll get to hear about progress. Good luck!
  13. Thanks @RobPearce No tell-tale loose flaps on mine. I had to abandon the job to focus on getting my Vitesse ready for RBRR, so will report back much later on this one
  14. What a great job Ben! I was recently trying to do similar and ended up with a far inferior outcome. Will be keen to have a closer look at yours
  15. @Ben Hutchings How are you getting on with your misfire/cut out? I've now put a few miles on the car and can report back on my findings. Drove Ciren to Devon - one brief misfire session by Bristol. Poured water over fuel pipes and completed the 150 miles without incident. Return 150 miles without fault. That was a hot weekend too. Then put another 500 miles on over 2 weeks in daily driver mode, never more than an hour or so/ 35 miles in one go, but no problems. I can't pin down the improvement but here's what I think. I've made 4 changes: 1. Put Huco pump in place of Facet. Only managed a couple of long runs before serious cut out problems occurred. Facet pump was stronger (and much noisier) so potentially this was the start of my problems. 2. Changed the coil multiple times. Can rule this one out now. Vapour lock has surely been the issue - and pouring cold water on fuel hoses quickly improves/clears it. 3. Changed the fuel lines from tank to bay/pump, then pump to carbs. This increased flow by 50% 4. Modified fuel pipe routing to try to avoid high spots. Not completely possible on my triple SU set up with the banjo inlets provided. So I think 3 and 4 have both helped all but eliminate the problem. 4 has also caused an increase in the rubber slivers. What with that and the ethanol in our fuel I recently had an idea to look up how things work on that other car famous for sporting triple SUs - the e-type. It seems far more elegant solder banjos and t-junctions are used, so I decided to have one made up (there's an expert in the workshop next door to mine). This completely eliminates the high hose loop and will greatly reduce the slivers. Just fitted it tonight. Will let you know how I get on once I'm back on the road.
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