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  1. My 2nd rbrr prev was 2016 in my own pi this as codriver in tr7 I enjoyed the blind date setup by volunteering as a last minute co driver. Francis was a great chap and serious rbrr veteran Gartosch was fine and did what it needed to do, rally app didnt work at all tried to log in a knebworth and carter bar and said no each time, did it need to recognise my phone no. ??? Run back in and to haynes was great was some of this due to fuel crisis and slightly less people on m25? Great banter afterwards in the cheap seats(beds)also at premier inn.(they ran out of breakfast items like novotel too) It would be nice to see more ladies on the event , how this could be achieved ? reduced entry cost or quotas but this may alienate other members but i throw it out as a thought. great event, as 2nd i could switch off easier when not driving and even missed most of wales bendy bits asleep. Thank you julian
  2. will try thanks on another note i've been vaccinating in my P Injection T shirt
  3. i am still available as someone got beat me to the above slot, goes without saying i will hapily pay the 'drop out' entry fee and contribute fuel and hopefully pick up their hotel slot julian
  4. if any one has lost a co driver and needs a replacment , i would be happy to step in , i did rbrr in 2016 in my pi and did the coast to coast this yr with a non driving co driver in my GT6 mk1 julian
  5. Thank you for a great run, the foggy bits were scary as was seeing the crash glad to hear no serious injuries. I definitely need better lamps in the GT6 I don't think I have ever had it out in the dark . Doing the run mid summer good idea to minimise the dark hours. Apart from the sticking rear brake cylinder swap on friday (thank god for local motor factors who got one same day) we had no mechanicals at all and she ran really well. Co driver before and after pics
  6. 2 little things get in touch with your local guide dogs group to let them know what you are doing especially if you are in a decent size work place with potential for good sponsorship as they will probably offer to come down with some dogs and if you have your car down get the local paper also. We had them at work (GP surgery in august last year) fortuitously i had come in the PI and i let them know i was intending to do the rbrr they were very interested the 2  'blind'guide dog owners came for a feel of the car, one used to be a car salesman the others husband had had classic cars she identified the stag like front of my PI by touch alone. They have offered to come down for a photoshoot with the paper nearer blast off time. Sponsorship form, is there one available or one that can be made to print off with the charity details and boxes for gift aid name post code etc required for this as there seem to be some reluctance to use the just giving site where i work due them taking a cut
  7. NOT for  2016,(i have already booked my hotel) but future years why not set off on thursday evening Advantages as i see them,  avoiding the awful friday eve traffic leaving London, avoid the awful traffic sun aft eve leaving cornwall too and allows a rest day/return home on the Sunday for those who have overnighted afterwards in hotels. just a thought   
  8. is your existing bar bent? the one i took off my gt6 sat 3" higher at driver side standard bar is £50 from CW
  9. camskill ok rallydesign sent me some in an obviouisly well worn  selotaped taped up box, the leading edges had been ground off the pad faces and they  look used  and wern't a set either 3 of one side one of other so wouldn't fit the calipers either i am still awaiting a refund
  10. statics keep the kids bolted down better! (if properly adjusted)
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