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  1. Hah! so what's the setup, is it an engineering college or something?
  2. Great stuff @richard w @Tim Bancroft @Tim Hunt @Fixer6 @RobPearce @Baldry1500 - I'll post them over the next few weeks. The Instagram account has *checks* 1079 followers right now, and grows by a handful each time we post something, so I think it's a good advert for the club. Thanks for your support.
  3. Hoping to ‘Bump’ this a bit. @Tim Bancroft can we get a nice shot of TARJ? Always loved it.
  4. (I know nothing about these cars... however) These white plastic parts top right look very much like sprung pawls that the extruded part of the bare aluminium lever engage with to give you a far left and far right ‘click’. If these white parts were worn, or rotating freely around the spindle they sit on - which might be sprung - I reckon you’d experience the problem you’re having.
  5. @English Hi Andrew, I've sent a message to Allan with your number, and removed it from your post (public forums, don't want you getting txt spam 👍)
  6. Good question.... @Craig any idea? @yorkshire_spam do you happen to be using Edge browser on Windows?
  7. I run the club’s Instagram account, and I/it has been quiet of late. I’d like to start periodically featuring Members’ cars, maybe with a little bit of a member and/or car bio. If you have a good photo or two of one of your cars (or a group!), please send them. You can either DM me here, reply to this post, or email me on ben.hutchings@clubtriumph.co.uk To get an idea what sort of content we’re after, take a look at the Instagram account here: http://instagram.com/club.triumph
  8. Hey Sam, yea firstly to edit, hopefully you see three dots (ellipsis) somewhere toward the top right of the post in question that had an ‘edit’ option when clicked? Regarding the image insertion, if you’re pasting an image path the forum will try and be clever about it and ‘embed’ it. So... your options are to move all the images in GDrive to a folder that has public/everyone permissions on it, and then paste them in again. Or you can upload them from your device if you have a local copy, i.e. using the ‘Add Files’ or ‘Choose files’ link/button (depending on what sort of device you’re
  9. I'm seeing a Daves's Misc section in the making 😂
  10. Ben Hutchings

    GT6 in Wales.JPG

    Love this livery, the ‘real’ one is still floating about in the states along side a Group 44 GT if I recall?
  11. @Toledo Man Would you post a link? (Or add it to your last post and I’ll delete this request)
  12. Steph from the I Drive a Classic channel has just bagged a 1300 FWD, worth a watch and future updates:
  13. Well... that’s perfectly clear isn’t it.
  14. Look forward to watching them disassemble the whole car yet again because one of the ECU cable clips wasn’t quite to Nik’s liking 😭
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