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  1. Just bought a ticket. Sadly won’t be taking a Triumph, but it’ll be good to catch up with you all 👍
  2. Courage mon braves, godspeed, break a leg (?) etc. Hope it goes well for you all today 👍
  3. This is just... huge. I have no idea how you fathom where to start with something like this. Well done Matt, I shall watch with awe and interest.
  4. Thanks for the replies folks, quite a range here! Not too surprised to see quite a few also involved in something to do with IT/Software. I think if I had to pick one so far it'd be @Rubce or @Slimboyfat at the top of the list. Although @Rosbif has been so vague maybe his later work is the most interesting 😅 Still no wildlife-spotting hill-dwelling types though? I'm 43 now, and as long as I can remember I've wanted to be "a professional tinkerer" and have added 'part-time inventor', small batch brewer, mender of pushbikes, saver of analog cameras and maintainer of discrete electronics audio devices to the list since. Or course fiddling with classic cars comes in there too. Every single thing I enjoy doing is tangible/practical. Why on earth am I sat in front of a computer setting up Cron jobs and fixing Package Manager installation scripts? 🤦🏻‍♂️ *wanders off to look at fixing GT6 boot leak in the pouring rain* 🎻
  5. Accepting that the 'grass is always greener', I was wondering what amazingly interesting jobs other Members/Users have? Just so I can feel variously jealous and or grateful that I have the job I do (jack-of-all-web-trades). Wife and I often say something along the lines of "the school careers advisor never mentioned that one!" when we hear about someone with a job that seems particularly interesting or good for the soul. The most recent example was someone PAID to walk around the highlands or somewhere equally bucolic checking on otters or something. Jammy git.
  6. If you would like us to merge this thread in with the original one we can 👍
  7. And here's the Kreng's thread: You were super lucky here Theo, the images seem to be there as far back as 2006. I can only assume that each time it was migrated to a new platform you asked Keith to move images too 😅
  8. @beans Ok here's one! - Sadly lots of the images were on PhotoBucket, but most of the stuff you or others actually uploaded to the previous forum have been imported. I'll look for the other one in the morning 👍
  9. @Beans yes very likely. Can you help me locate with some detail? Is one of them t’Kreng? What’s the other? DM me if you want.
  10. We’re 100% sure now that any images from the pre-2013 website - that hadn’t already been imported to the previous version by Keith - aren’t in any backups we have so can’t be imported now. There’s a very small chance that a backup will be found with them in, and people are looking. I’m sorry about this @TimW and others who’ve lost content. Trying to find a silver-lining… this shouldn’t be a problem in the future, as the site uses a better supported and straightforward storage method now.
  11. I know quite a few have had alloy panels grafted into roofs and bonnets of Saloons in the past (@Tim Bancroft?) but has anyone done likewise with a GT6 or Spit bonnet? Ideas and pics please.
  12. Hi @TimW I think somehow you missed my two replies earlier in this thread regarding the found EFI GT6 thread, and lack of images. If you can't see anything let me know 👍
  13. @TimW 😔 Ok I found the thread. It had some corruption in one of the posts that had made the whole thing fail upon import. I've corrected that, but sadly there are no images at all besides 3rd-party things that others have linked to. I've imported it anyway and placed it in Projects as there may be some value to the text content: https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/forums/topic/9170-efi-gt6/ Please excuse the 'quote' formatting (or lack of), and some links to YouTube vids aren't actually 'links'. It's a massive thread so I've not been able to manually fix all that. Not given up looking for the images yet, but loosing hope. 2011 in web terms is ancient history! There an imageless copy on the Wayback Machine which doesn't help you much, but interesting to the old-old-forum again: https://web.archive.org/web/20171022080133/http://www.club.triumph.org.uk/cgi-bin/forum10/Blah.pl?m-1321968625/
  14. @TimW now I've re-read your last message more closely, yes this is a problem and I'm sorry to say I don't think there's a solution. I can only import what's on the latest iteration of the old site, and some threads just have nothing where images should be - as you found. It's not like there's even embed code so they must have been originally added as 'attachments' and then when the forum was migrated from 2 versions ago to 1 version ago, images weren't brought across or somehow got nuked. I will have a REALLY good look, and search through a dump of images that I have as well. Is the Mk3 rebuild in question the MadSprout? If not I need some way to recognise it from images alone so can you please tell the colour and reg? Cheers.
  15. Ok I’ll take a look in the morning. I have 112 build threads sat in a holding area 😅
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