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  1. It looks like @Andyone is the group organiser, but not sure he’s around here lately. Maybe @TimW can help.
  2. Woah that looks quite the restoration Colin! Welcome to the Club. Look like your nearest meet is nearby: https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/groups/teesside-triumph/
  3. Well I'd never see one, so at least one person benefited from your post 😬
  4. I reckon @Topic63 is wishing he'd never said a word about drop links 😂
  5. Agreed, double it and someone surely will still have your arm off. @michael j smith if you want to edit the existing post, I’m sure the others here will delete their posts like it never happened! If they can’t lemme know.
  6. Not fitted mine yet @Dion, need to grab some seals next time I put an order in, or pass Moss. There are a few others in the club that have done it though. Anyone else?
  7. Ok @Spider and @Topic63 I'll have a look tomorrow, I'm pretty sure there aren't loads left, most if not all Nuts and Washers. Would you both DM me your addresses please. Cheers.
  8. Oh yea! Never seen one of those. And it looks like Rimmers and others sell them: It's a weird typeface! Drawn up by some 'crazy' 70's sort no doubt 😂
  9. Itching to know what the outcome was. Have a friend with a very similar problem 😅
  10. Haha, is there a story behind the need for this massive warning? 😂
  11. Bear with me… I have these ideas, most come to nought. Has any one, or does anyone still run a roof rack of any sort on a GT6? If so can you talk to me about fitment, roof damage potential, type? Doug Foreman is the only person I’ve see with a rack on a GT6 (2006/7 LMC I think) and he doesn’t seem to frequent these parts. Cheers!
  12. Ben Hutchings


    Thought I’d revive this thread as I’m looking to polish out some annoying scratches in my GT6 Mk1 screen. Just seen @Shynsy and @RobPearce talking about it, and think @Baxter mentioned it the other day too. Did you polish yours @byakk0 or replace it?
  13. (What about if Andy doesn't want to be found? 😂)
  14. Possibly a DM to @Andy Flexney might work. Or there are some other contact details on this thread: https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/forums/topic/8700-tr3-for-salewell-known-in-ct-circles/?tab=comments#comment-106138
  15. Hopefully not since 2006 it doesn't!
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