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  1. Love it! My experience exactly as a member of a single-model Triumph club (no names, but it's a V8 engine).
  2. We had a great time in spite of retiring sometime after Gledrid. My first RBRR was in 1990 and I said after 2016 "Never again!". I'm glad that Nuala encouraged me to change my mind. The organisation was top notch, the route was superb, the breakfast at JoG was really great, fuel was available when we needed it....my huge thanks to everyone be they marshals, organisers or simply other club members who helped us on. I'm sad that we didn't arrive at the finish in the Stag, she's tucked up in bed feeling quite poorly, but we did get to Knebworth and Nuala was there to welcome the Triumphant heroes home.
  3. We worked out at about 31.5mpg in the Stag. Quite acceptable.
  4. We used W3W to define our location when a broken rear wheel bearing put us out of the event this year. When I gave the breakdown controller the words, I had to spell one of them, but she then told me exactly where we were, and I was able to confirm that from our map reading (two rally navigators on board helps!). So in this case, W3W worked very well!
  5. I'd like one of the CT RBRR 'outline' stickers in white please! My black one won't fit anywhere on the rear of rthe Stag, so I want to put a white one in the rear window.
  6. I looked for 10l jerrycans or 5l plastic fuel containers today at Toolstation, Screwfix, Halfords and a.n.other but they were all out of stock. Seems people are not just filling their vehicle tanks but also whatever extra containers they can buy!
  7. I really didn't want to have to say this, but what is it with you guys? Do you really believe that the chaps who did the first RBRR in 1966 had everything laid on tap? What is worrying you? Might you miss the air-con, or that DAB radio, the heated seats or the SatNav? What's the problem with taking on the challenge of 2,000 miles in 48 hours and using the road book to work it out as you go? In 1990 when I did my first, we drove in a tired 2.5PI from Settle in Yorkshire to Broadfields Garage in North London, set off at 7pm on Friday evening, collected the third co-driver somewhere near Leeds and returned to Broadfields, tired but successful on Sunday before returning to Settle. No SatNav, no mobile phone, no breakdown service. I stilll have the engraved glass tankard, but I don't have the car....
  8. Travelling from Wrexham south to Bristol today, there were the inevitable queues at fuel stations but at two of them I saw tankers refilling the underground tanks. A hopeful sign!
  9. Alternator & PAS belts, electronic ignition unit, a couple of spark plugs, coolant, a electrical meter, a set of spanners and a couple of screwdrivers. And my breakdown recovery card.
  10. Here's the Stag Nuala Dowie & I will be using.....with more lights! I did say "Never again" after the 2016 event....
  11. On the 2016 RBRR my Stag did 30mpg on the legs I was driving, 38mpg when it was my co-drivers turn. We were running a longer diff then, so I expect slightly more fuel this time.
  12. The Mintex 1144 in my Stag squeal but I don't really mind about that - they stop the car in all conditions, that's all I care about!
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