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  1. Hi Nick Yes I had heard that about the MX5 seats. Regards Bruce
  2. Rob If your a shortie, your experience is not relevant to my situation. A headrest should stop your head slamming backwards if the car gets rear ended in an accident. The ones in our Stag would do that as I have Fiat Coupe seats installed. The existing ones in our GT6 most definitely would not as I am tall. On todays over crowded roads I would not want to drive a car without headrests. In my experience of using our Stag seats don't need to recline too much to get sleep but head support is a must. Cheers Bruce
  3. Hi All The existing front seats in our GT6 Mark 3 are uncomfortable for a long journey and the headrests are virtually useless as their tops only come up to the base of my neck. With the existing seats it would be impossible to use it on an event like the C2C or RBRR as I wouldn't be able to get any sleep whilst my co driver was driving. Can anyone suggest alternative comfy seats with taller backs and headrests? I am 6ft 1" tall. Thanks Bruce
  4. Oh yes😆. Ask Chris Weedon🤣
  5. Kinross Services 2021
  6. Feed a hacksaw blade through the centre of the bush and saw away.😉 Bruce
  7. In my Stag, we achieved an average of 30.6mpg overall, with between 32 and 33mpg on the motorway sections. I am happy with that as we also had lots of "smiles per mile thrown in"😄. We managed to find E5 every time we tanked up for fuel. Bruce
  8. Hi Craig I have already emailed Dale and asked him to update the magazine. Thanks for updating the website Regards Bruce
  9. Hi All Our meetings which are held on the last Wednesday of each month from 7:30pm onwards are now at:- The Falcon Inn Woore CW3 9SE All CT members or prospective CT members welcome Regards Bruce
  10. Jim I've retained our pie sticker for reuse in 2023😀 Bruce
  11. Hi All This was our second attempt at the RBRR after our DNF in 2018. We were much better organised this time and travelled down to Knebworth on the Thursday and enjoyed a sociable evening in the Novotel Bar with a couple of other crews. Friday morning was spent relaxing and then a great lunch at a local pub in Old Knebworth meant we arrived at the start line feeling fresh for the challenge. The event is as much a challenge for the crew as it is for the car and I think this needs making clear to first timers. Breakfast at JOG was well organised with us being in and out in 30 minutes. As has been said by many others our teams view is that the road books should be handed out in the same order they are received. The single toilet at Falls of Shins resulted in a long queue so I resorted to using a nearby bush! Gartcosh was interesting and three of the locals came over to chat too us about our Stag. Apparently one of them owns a Stag and we suggested that he should enter the 2023 RBRR. Yes please to the pies Jim. Running close to the front of the pack in terms of timings meant we had time to stop in services near Preston to rectify a brake caliper fault and still arrive at Gledrid only 15 minutes after it officially opened. Biggest bug bears for us were :- Misaligned headlights. We were blinded for miles by cars following too close with lights that were a danger to aircraft! Loaded boots affect headlight alignment! The second bug bear is LED lights. They are bloody awful on old cars without self levelling headlights and they are too white. The people who turned out to man all the various checkpoints were helpful heroes. Thanks to all of them. Please keep the route as it is, it was great. We were pleased to see the motorway services north of the Forth Road bridge were being used rather than the portacabin race track which featured in 2018. The social aspect at the various stops seemed much better this time. Probably because we both knew more people within the club and it was also good to finally meet many people who we have communicated with on this forum and Facebook. Roll on 2023.😄 Bruce
  12. The Shell station at Bradman Way, Stevenage has E5 petrol currently. I've just filled up there. The other Shell station close by only has E10.
  13. I've successfully arrived at the Novotel in Knebworth. E5 fuel was available at some garages on the way down from Cheshire. But in Stevenage all fuel stations I tried were completely out of all fuel of all types. The single exception was the Tescos opposite the railway station but that only had E10. I will be out on the hunt for E5 in the morning as currently only have half a tank full in the car.
  14. This evening in Crewe, Cheshire there is only one fuel station open, with huge queues and the police in attendance. The start line at Knebworth is looking a long way away😖
  15. Did the magnetic sheet you were using have adhesive on one side? Mine did and I had no issues.
  16. Having recently contradicted Covid earlier this month, I can assure you it's no fun! My son brought it home from school and the entire family got it. A most unpleasant experience and the enduring cough is a real pisser. Bruce
  17. Okay Tim. I have found that some people will sponsor you if a pen and form is thrust at them, as its in the moment. Many will say I'll sponsor you on line (JG) when I get home but then life gets in the way and they forget to do it. Some are not PC savvy and too embarrassed to say so. Bruce
  18. Hi All Does anyone have a copy of a form suitable for collecting sponsorship from people who would rather not use the Just Giving site? I virtually doubled our teams sponsorship money last time in one afternoon by walking around the factory where I work, with just such a form. I started at one end of one assembly line and walked up and down all five lines. Hey presto😉 The problem is I can't find the form I used last time. Doh! Here's hoping Bruce
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