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  1. Hi Tim, now that we’ve moved to North Devon we can help at Monmouth, Okehampton or Lands End but we’ll need training! Ben & Vicky
  2. Agree re Turweston Tim!  I think that perambulation has finished off my rear spring bushes!  I have fond memories of the location however as it was where I learned to drive in my Old Man's Herald 13/60 Conifer Green estate back in 1978 but it was a lot smoother back then and there were no buildings!
  3. Wooh Hoo! I'm in!  Thanks Team for sorting me out.  Now finding my way around the new site.  It looks great!
  4. In that case Jason perhaps we should try clay tablets next 'cos I cant enter using the new system 🙁.
  5. We are trying to enter but being frustrated by the system!  How do you link your login to your membership status but Vicky is down as a non-member? We are both paid up members! GRRRR!! I'm still waiting for my email linky thing (and its not in my Junk folder!!)
  6. A couple of videos to refresh this thread! [url][/https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvtGXqtaq4RggjUuY9No_mNPU5Rn] [url][/https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvtGXqtaq4RggjTzbTS_5UUo4XFE]
  7. Well nothing fell off. But the annual output from a moderately sized oil state passed through it! [Apologies for anyone following us who got an unexpectedly greasy windscreen!] .  By Sunday there was also a bit being burned too! 🤔.  . Poor acceleration on Sunday was tracked down to low oil in the SU's dashpots.  I grudgingly parted with a few drops of my rapidly dwindling supply of engine oil and all was well . So I think there will need to be some investigative surgery over winter!! Apart from 10 litres of Halfords green stuff we did 3302km (2052m) door to door and averaged 33.7 mpg which, considering the speedometer calibration exercise I did on a quiet stretch of autobahn, ............wasn't at all bad. Engine remained very cool although engine oil temperature reached 100 degC at the top of the Stelvio.
  8. I can confirm E10 and even "Super10" does not agree with Triumphs.  I put half a tank in by mistake in rural Germany and we had a very unhappy TR3 for a day and a half on the Paris-Prague Rally (a little warm up event for the 10CR 😉 ). It's very easy to be fooled by unfamiliar pumps particularly when relived to find a petrol pump in foreign parts! I have stuck to Shell V-power or BP Ultimate since then and have not even been tempted by 100 RON that is available on the continent.
  9. Gave the TR3 a quick test drive to Prague and back last week - 2648 miles door to door - should do the trick I reckon . The only thing that fell off was a fog lamp when we took off over a level crossing in the Czech Republic (might have been the Red Bull I put in the tank to counteract half a tank of cruddy stuff I put in by mistake!).  So hopefully nothing else will fall off on the 10CR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5tTWRrJdrI
  10. There is only one Triumph in our household If it can do the RBRR it can do anything!  (not so confident about the crew!!) Regarding lights we have a pair of spots which are angled outwards - we call them the "vole catchers" they are very handy when negotiating narrow roads at night at a "brisk" pace! 😀
  11. Ours will be in the post tomorrow! Can't think of a better way to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and my Birthday! We did an TRR Alpine Tour in my TR6 for our Honeymoon 10CR should be fun in the 3 🙂 We got the "hard sell" at Knebworth after the RBRR - it wasnt really needed!!
  12. Yes, thanks to the Committee for squeezing us in!  Really looking forward to it (will I feel the same half way round?!! 😉 Geoffrey (the car!) is in "hospital" (a nasty case of tin worm) at the moment but will be raring to go very soon.  Hope to catch up with some veterans at the Lincoln TR/CT event! Ben
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