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  1. Does anyone have a surplus threaded bar or extra long bolt ( with nuts ) ( now now keep it clean ) that I could buy / acquire..... I'm trying to find a way to press out the bushes from a couple of diffs I hope to have redone. Nuala
  2. Would you care to suggest that "the certain Triumph collector who sells parts near Coventry" ... considers getting his fat or slim arse down to Monte Carlo! See below 1960 RMC ... Herald Coupe Triumph Herald - Rally Monte Carlo
  3. Whose was this Triumph Herald on the 1961 Monte Carlo Rally? Monte Classique & Monte Heritage runs due to visit the same venue ( Ye Olde Bell - Barnby Moor ) again in 2022. Are there are intrepid Herald drivers brave enough to take on the challenge? High Lights of UK leg include alternative starts at either Blythswood Square, Glasgow, or Woodcote Park, London ( Respective RAC Headquarters ) with a reception for the northern starters at Banbury enroute south. Monte roads down through France to join other cars starting their journey to Monaco from Valence & a full day following in the tyre tracks of the Historique Rally cars on several stages. Finishing of course in the warmth of the Cote d' Azure. .... Go on - you know you want to!
  4. Bump bump --- still looking
  5. Picking up a project I started in Lock Down One .... planning a slow route ( None Motorway ) from The Lizard to Dunnet Head ... I'm still trying to finesse the bits that wriggle between the conurbations. Are there any Midlands based members able to plan a nice route from Henley in Arden to Fillongley? suggested routes via .gpx file much appreciated. My faith in Tomtom is not what it used to be - those with local knowledge often choose other routes.
  6. Anyone fancy this next year? https://acm.mc/en/edition/rallye-monte-carlo-classique-2022/competitor-area/official-documents/
  7. Are there any CT Road Rally navigators out there. I've an entry on this years Tour of Cheshire but my usual navigator is unavailable. The event is a round of HRCR Clubmans Championship and any willing navigator will need a MSUK Competition Licence & need experience of plot & bash and regularity timing. Don't worry if you're a novice or a bit rusty - I'm happy to have a run out - we don't need to be super competitive .... but you do need to know what you are doing as it isn't the best event on which to learn new skills. I hope to be using my GT6 MKII Nuala
  8. Thanks for replies so far - I'm actually trying to create a Lucas Dizzy for my MKII Spitfire - but it needs a mechanical tacho take off. Distributor Doctor tells me he can adapt certain 22D6 ( 6 cylinder dizzys ) to a 4 cylinder model. Delco's have a poor reputation for reliability at high revs & Lucas seem to be more serviceable in the long run. Thanks for the offer's of Delco units but it's modifiable Lucas units I need.
  9. Have you swapped your original 6 cylinder dizzy for a new electronic one? Do you have the old dizzy from your GT6 / Vitesse / TR6 sitting in your spares or autojumble box. It doesn't need to be pretty as long as it's complete with mechanical tacho take off & Vacuum Advance. Willing to pay for any serviceable unit. Please get in touch. Greta.
  10. All sorted now - thanks.
  11. Not quite the same ... but if European travel is still looking difficult in the run up to planning the next 10CR - perhaps a year doing 5CR - Eire, NI, Scotand, England & Wales might be worth considering - taking in some of the best roads used on RAC & Circuit of Ireland?
  12. Hi Thanks - They'll be the later oval hole type - still very desirable - but not ( I don't think ) what I was after... thanks for the thought.
  13. HI Allan If the 4.5J is old style and not too bent & rusty I'd like it ... some of mine are not very true when spun up. I may be able to arrange for my daughters boyfriend to collect.
  14. Hi Tim - yes I gave Claire a call a month or so ago.
  15. I need to edit my entry! My co-driver has advised that their health isn't up to it - thankfully Richard Smith has agreed to join me but would prefer to use his Stag ( which already knows the way!) . Hopefully I'll still be up for it in two years time and fulfil my ambition of doing RBRR in my GT6. Please advise how I can edit my entry.
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