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  1. The Stag gearbox started to complain when changing down into 3rd on the way up to JoG, and more so around Wales, its coming out for an overhaul. The UJs were knocking when reversing up the drive they will be changed out for new drive shafts from CDD. Through Wales we experienced popping on overrun which the Stag has never done before [though I did like it] and it developed a misfire on the way home Monday, we had a mix of E10 [with a fuel additive] & E5, topped up with E5 nearer to home and the misfire went away, still need to check under the bonnet, work has got in the way again.
  2. Team 85, we have only good things to say about this RBRR, even the eggs at Lands End made us smile. A big thank you to the organisers & marshals the effort you all put in is really appreciated. Every team seemed happy at the stops, you all made the event very enjoyable. We developed a gearbox issue on the way down from JoG, but it survived, time for a re-build. We found fuel when we needed it and spent the time driving back up from Lands End planning the mods we need for the next RBRR. Both my sons now want a big saloon to do the event next time, 3 of us in a Stag was a bit tight. We used Rallymaplive.com for our family and friends to follow us around the route, they all said it worked well and could see our progress around the route.
  3. hi Jason Team 85 can I add another team member please Courtney Davey
  4. Morning all, Having a little trouble setting up our just giving page. Is there a link we need to join a group, if not, which epilepsy charity do I select? Sorry if these have been answered elsewhere, I did a search but came up with nothing. Cheers,
  5. New front suspension for the Stag sat in the garage ready to fit. Want to enjoy this weather before replacing it all. [ it will take me a while to fit it ] Still want to fit new ignition parts, then bag and keep all the parts as they are working fine. Strombergs have never been overhauled that can be a winter job. I had planned to get this all done by Easter this year, but work and life in general have taken up most of my time so far.        
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