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  1. Lollipop lady and school cook there”s me - wow how exciting. Always wanted a job in the motor trade and here I am the dreaded yellow peril, scourge of the school run lol I will have to work til my little legs give out or I drop off my perch to keep my trusty old Herald (joke!! ) on the road
  2. Hi Ben, I’ve used the link from your email and tried to sign in, I can get into the site via google, so not too concerned but just confused as to why I could no longer use my bookmark on Safari, I have attached screenshots of the prompts from my attempts to sign in via the link on your email, and have changed my password I know that my email is secure on the site so not too concerned i await your advice Thankyou Ben
  3. I saved the site on Safari. Never had a problem until yesterday when it didn’t recognise me and wouldn’t let me proceed through the members only sections and kept asking me to sign in, when I did it said that my email was already being used?? however I went on google and put the website address in and hey presto no trouble - didn’t even ask me to sign in can’t understand why
  4. Darren and I had a fantastic weekend touring the beautiful Snowdonia National Park and the surrounding area including Portmeirion, be seeing you and watch out for Rovers
  5. Mabel getting her MOT after being off the road since 1996
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