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  1. Welcome Dave I have found this forum and Club most Welcoming and informative good luck with your project.Adrian
  2. I only had two hours at the track,so was very lucky and fortunately there were no insulate Britain protestors lying in the way so I did manage a something over 85mph!
  3. Hi all, Just spent a week up Loughborough way Prestwold race track.Where I was treated for my 60th birthday to a Blast in the following:Aston Martin DB9 Ferrari,Lamborghini,Porche,Nissan GTR all very nice in there ways.This was the first time I had driven anything since my stroke took my eyesight in 2019 so a bit emotional as well ! After the event I did wonder if there was anything like this where a Triumph of any model could be driven in an appropriate way!
  4. Hi,As you can see the Aposts and floor pans leave a lot to be desired! Any way I have new panels thanks to a well known Scotsman all I need now is some words of encouragement and a couple of bottles of Mythos put in the fridge for later I have a shed load of cutting discs and a nice warm weekend,if all goes well After photos will follow.Deep breath!
  5. Hi all, Im replacing all the brake pipes and wondered which is the most cost effective way of achieving this! When replying please bear in mind that I’m doing this with limited eye sight and the usual loss of strength on the left side due to a stroke !Ive seen you can buy ready made lengths bent in apparently the right directions or should I buy a roll of pipe and make each section in turn,thanks for your input.
  6. Not Morris minor possibly Hillman or Marcos! More investigation required the quest is on!
  7. I’m enjoying every moment,especially when The sun comes out and I can lean back in my chair feet up on the chassis and a nice cup of tea! and pondering over which front floor pan to do first!
  8. Well it’s taken a over a year and roughly this is where I’m at! I have just worked out how to load pictures on the site!I worked out why the previous owner dumped her the main timing gear had a tooth missing !
  9. It’s great there’s some paperwork to back up my choice of having a white hood on a white car! Not everyone’s choice I know but people won’t be second guessing who’s coming down the road! It will be “oh it’s him he should have got a black hood!
  10. Thank you Pete, I love the small print it’s as black and white cheers!
  11. Few words needed a picture speaks a thousand words many thanks.
  12. Hi Ferny,can you enlighten us as to where exactly and what size your extra braces and fillets were as I have also replaced front and rear cross members and one side rail and read somewhere about this but could not remember the answer! Thank you Adrian
  13. Not sure but it might be Chic Doig
  14. Hi, I am replacing the complete windscreen surround as the existing one resembles lace curtain! Before someone says don’t cut it off! Too late! So I now have a new surround and bulkhead to weld together my concern is when I weld around the outside of the base of the surround then clean up the weld I potentially weaken the join as I can’t do any work on the rear of the welds.Any suggestions,thank you.
  15. An article popped up on my iPhone this morning about the Triumph Lynx, not a car I’d heard of til then! Not to every ones taste but as the article says it could have been a challenger for Fords Capri and I for one would not have minded being given an opportunity to own one instead of the 1600e Capri I had as a late teenager.Sometimes I wish you could the clocks back a bit (selectively)
  16. I have always considered myself a bit of a petrol head and although not a long standing member of Club Triumph I have had a passion for Triumphs since the sixties when I had a Triumph twenty bicycle! I then had a Triumph Trophy and past my driving test in my dads Dolomite Sprint and more recently organised our village fayre getting the local TR group to turn up and there is nothing better than the smell of these engines running and the smiles of the people looking at them. Thanks to my daughter I now own a 13/60 which as you know is in the process of being reborn! Firing up the petrol engine is the priority and I can’t wait although I wont be able to drive her myself unless I find a race track! As fo Electric maybe not just yet!
  17. There has been a lot of press recently about classic cars being converted to Electric and I wondered what kind off box frogs I would open if I mentioned it! In some ways I think this is ain’t such a bad idea as when a youngster I was always looking for ways to increase the power,speed back then you had to find a V8 or a straight 6 and add a turbo! But technology these days even a basic Nissan Leaf electric has more umph than a 13/60 so what do you recon ! Can of worms! Box of Frogs! Or the way ahead! Or should someone take this peice of tech away from me!
  18. Adrianb


    Thanks for the info and it looks really smart on your car but I hoping for a more 1970s way of painting in keeping with the age of my 13/60 if that makes sense! and if it means in ten years time I’m scraping the rust so be it.I have nothing planned that far ahead!
  19. That looks good thanks for the update
  20. Adrianb


    Hi all,I have just a couple of panels to weld into the bulkhead of the 13/60 so slowly getting there and need some advice on the best way forward to cover the bare metal in paint can someone give me a 1,2,3 many thanks.
  21. Fantastic you need to set up a new club! Say Club Soil Sifters!
  22. I watched this on iplayer this afternoon very enjoyable nearly fell off my seat when they started talking about Captain John Black no relation I think! But I used to call my brother also John “Captain Black” but I think that was in relation to the misterons! and Captain Scarlet! I did like seeing the earlier Standard production line film.
  23. Looks great! and a white hood ! one minute you don’t see one the next you do!
  24. Hi all this is the day 15th of May 2020 when we found and bought this lovely 13/60 which had been sitting there since 1995 it’s now completely stripped and on it’s way back to being a thing of joy! admittedly there’s still a lot of rusty stuff to sort but what else would you do in lockdowns
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