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  1. Thanks for that took a bit of swiping on the I phone but found it 👍
  2. I lent my workshop manual out . I need to double check the wiring to the ignition switch on a mk2 gt6 anyone got one the could put a pic here please
  3. apart from actually sending the entry form off...as it stands ...nowt ..but i'm sure that will change
  4. DGF

    oil sump sealing?

    michael_charlton wrote: Torque..16/18 lbs ft is the spec that's about hand tight then ;)
  5. Jim, i hope you washed it before you put it on ebay...... and nowt wrong with the acclaim..i bought one just to do the RBRR in ..we thrashed it round..had great fun it it ..the corderoy seat were very comfy
  6. only ever ran a three man crew once..well wasn't even that really..i had two cars and 5 people ..and that was mainly because Katie was still on L plates at the time...Katie doesn't want to use the saloon as she says it's too soft..so we're aiming for the spit...top down all the way
  7. wasn't the traffic...we too overtook the TR6 on the way up...suffering from lack of air...it was more a disapointment  at the not that amazingly fab road..
  8. i drove stelvio for the first time this sept and to be honest i was a tad dissapointed.i've heard the hype about it being the best pas and all that ..whilst the views on the way up and down were stunning ,i've had more fun driving some other passes the hotel we stayed in at the top was not too dear and very nice though  
  9. i do have my own plans to follow the Mille one year ..got them tucked away in the drawer for future years
  10. AndyF wrote:     “Rolduc is fantastic let’s always finish there” We did     “we never see any of the teams apart from at the start and finish”     “the social element is missing”. The control stops and the 2nd hotel night were introduced     “Why can’t we visit Riems”     “If we are going to the South of France we should do the Col de la Bonette”     “In 2013 we should re-visit the 2003 route “ 2013 route AndyF Some of those could be kept or dealt with similar...Rolduc is good ..but maybe summit silmilar elsewhere to better suit a new route not seeing any of the teams bit ...the controls never helped this.too many for so many cars to hit together..you could have one point per day ..maybe an hr stop for lunch, scheduled in over a 3 hr period ..that with the overnights would solve the social bit ..and as ferny said make the rest .way points
  11. I'm with Tim on that one about the RBRR.. on the one we did, can't remember which year ,RNLI,..we had to double back to pick up some friends that had fallen off a hill in scotland..we had to cut a couple of controls out to make brekkie in lands end..didn't expect to get a finishers ward but we did ..due to keeping the spirit of the event
  12. wouldn't be a pig to organise two running side by side..all the two organising teams would need to do is agree the meet up points/times ..and away they go ..plan..meet back up ,,discuss..bit of fettling and hey presto...simples..but whether you'd get enough entries for both is another matter or ,if the event was flexible enough to allow easier options to be fitted in by whoever wanted to do so ,without failling to 'finish' the event..then only one event needs to be organised And i'm sure the BMC may be organising something next year
  13. same thoughts on the check points....Bob king and i went out to marshall on the 09 we had two marshall point and even we couldn't get to the second on time and we were in  a fast modern .It does take a lot of effort to organise a road event ..but sometimes it can be over organised ..and that can take the fun out of it a bit for the drivers we went out for our own celebration of the 10th anniversary ..with the aim to follow the original route etc..but on the sat we thought ..begger this we'll go and do stelvio..then when we got to the top we thought begger  driving throught the night we'll stay in a hotel at the top .I know it's not a straight comparison to the 10cr, as we were on a private road run ..but leaving  a bit more flexability in the 10cr would be a good thing ...be less work for the overworked organisers too
  14. i thought they were 500kmph cameras..try as we might we couldn't quite reach those speeds
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