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  1. 1979 1500 Spitfire, yellow. Abandoned project, engine & box out, bottom end needs rebuild. Generally in good condition. Soft top & set of 5, 4½ J wheels to go with it. £2,800. Phone 07970 473 986, Herts. for further details.
  2. DPMR COVID-19 Precautions Due to the COVID-19 situation all documentation required for this event will be placed into an envelope for each car and then sealed at least two days before the start of the event. On the day of the event gloves will be worn by the organisers when handing envelopes to the entrants. Entrants will be required to plot the route, answer tie-break questions on each section, then drive the route recording the code boards on the answer sheet. In order to avoid the paperwork being handed back to the organisers, the list of code boards in order should be sent by text to the phone number provided in the Final Instructions. The answers to the tie-break questions should also be sent in the same way. “Panic” envelopes will be supplied. At the finish these will have to be shown to the organisers who will be in a designated car with the windows shut. Therefore there will be absolutely no physical contact between entrants and organising personnel. As for the entrants, the latest MSUK statement re motorsport post 14th May states that face coverings are required, plus a negative result from a Lateral Flow Test. It is up to entrants to organise this and produce the test result on the day. Unless this requirement changes before June 20th the organisers regret that without a negative test result we cannot allow anyone an entry. What we can’t of course tell is what the requirements (if any) will be after June 21st, just one day later and six days prior to the original proposed date. Face coverings are to be worn inside cars except by people from the same household/bubble or in convertible cars with the roof down, but the organisers cannot enforce this whilst crews are out on the road. Regards, Nigel Abdullah and Dale Barker
  3. until
    Derek Pollock Memorial Rally This event has now been cancelled due to lack of entries.
  4. Another internal CT war is about to begin & this one in the wake of our President's passing.  He would be so distraught. For me, being close to several people within the committee & having attended the last few meetings for one reason or another, there are far too many people moaning about one thing or another.  This club will self destruct very soon if we carry on like this. So Keith, what is this random time then? What time should people be getting up and become awake enough to use their fingers on a keyboard properly? Knowing how keen people are to get an entry, won't they now be moaning that they are having to get up early to ensure they get an entry? Keith, it would have been good of you to consult with the RBRR team before coming to this decision.  Come and talk to us Keith, we're not monsters.  In fact if you care to, come and talk to me on Monday evening, to try and make me understand why on earth you want to do this. This is the first & probably the last time I've had a "moan" on the Forum, I much prefer to "go talk to someone," so let's have a chat on Monday.   Yours Bewildered, Nigel  
  5. To all those entered in the TTR19 so far, when you come to give your answers, please use the e-mail address tabletop@club.triumph.org.uk Results of sections 1 & 2 will be given after the closing date of 10th March, 2019. Thank you
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