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  1. You probably already know this but Ellis and I are definitely still on for this event
  2. Hi Guys. CT is ready to run our first driving event for over a year! The DPMR is a 12 Car Navigational Rally run entirely in Hertfordshire on the morning of Sunday 20th June with 'signing on' from around 08.30 at The Lytton Arms in Old Knebworth. You can view the Regs here and we hope to have an online entry form in place very soon. In the meantime if you would like to enter please email nigelrabdullah@gmail.com DPMR_2021_Regs.docx
  3. PS. There is a useful section on the Canley Classics website where it lists all the engine prefixes and says which are equivalent to which others ref crank journal sizes.
  4. There is no particular reason why you shouldn't run at +0.040" but I would advise checking the oversizes of piston available before going any bigger. There may be +0.050" available and will probably be +0.060" but that's as big as you ever want to go and if you're building a little screamer of an engine you might not want to go any bigger than you already have at +0.040". That will, of course, require a replacement block unless you're planning on trying to replace the liners which I don't recommend. A good used std or up to +0.020" block would be best.
  5. If you're after an electric one I have fitted n no. of Pearl products units from the local motor factor, comically the part no is PEWP01, and had no grief with them to date unlike several other makes, some of which don't work straight out the box thereby helpfully saving a breakdown on the road like you suffered, and allowing the dud unit to be sent straight back to the supplier!
  6. A quick word to anyone interested in taking part in this event that at present we only have 1 live entry which is nowhere near the number needed to ensure that this event runs. If you are thinking of having a go can you please enter soon as if we don't get a few more entries quickly we may have to cancel it
  7. If you are getting a proper 'rifle shot' type backfire then the ignition timing is way off - like 180 out - so the fuel ignites in the exhaust causing the bang. This is definitely an ignition fault and quite possibly the timing is out. Failing that you have 'false triggering' which is when the spark is triggered at the wrong time due to one of a fair few ignition faults. As you have fitted electronic ignition and (apologies if I have misread) it hasn't run properly since, then I would suspect that as the primary issue and go back to points. It is very common for the timing to be changed significantly by fitting or removing electronic ignition and some systems seem to have the firing point in the wrong place by design! Go back to basics and take your time. take the rocker cover off and make sure that you're on the correct TDC i.e. the valves on no. 4 cyl are on the rock (one just closing the other just opening) and the valves on no. 1 cyl aren't moving at all. Then make sure that the rotor arm is pointing at no. 1 cyl and that the points are just opening (Dizzy rotates anti-clockwise). If you do that and it still won't fire or at least cough and sound like it's trying to run then it's not a timing issue.
  8. Hi Howard, I would have a word with RH Insurance with whom I'm insured. They are remarkably accommodating ref overseas drivers and policy changes, though I suspect your co-driver's claim history might be a problem for any insurer. Good Luck
  9. Hi Theo. I have no specific knowledge of the particular item you refer to but I regularly use some of their other parts, know Alistair reasonably well and can commend both the quality of parts and service. I hope this is helpful
  10. This is one of those Fawlty Towers type "Don't mention XXXXXX, I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it" scenaria. In this instance the question was a rather more general one but we really don't want people accidentally slipping into asking specific ones on open forums as it rather defeats the object of working stuff out for yourself. As my old German language teacher would say "Becker (her amusing name for me which didn't annoy me in the least), you are only sheeting yourself when you sheet!" I'll get my coat.................
  11. Ellis and I will be in Harold if I can wake him up after such a long sleep and Nigel will either be in his new Scooby or Harold too
  12. I've got you down as entry 28 Alistair, or is this old news now?
  13. On behalf of someone who was quaking in his boots and waiting (with every other Club officer) for a barrage of angry or confused mails, texts and phone calls if the new site fell over last night I would like to say a very big "Well Done" to Keith for all his hard work getting this up and running in time. I know it has been a major undertaking and that I for one have given less assistance than I should have (sorry), but it seems to me that your efforts were well worth it mate!
  14. Nah, that's a bit further North Steve..........................
  15. Sadly I would (misprint excepted) as I lost my faith in the 'general public' around the time I realised that common sense had suffered an extinction level event. Let's just hope that the NIMBYs all have heart failure or suffer a cocoa overdose that night!
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