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  1. Just had a look at a Standard 10 Companion Estate advertised by a trader in Somerset for the the extortionate  price of £10,950. Was expecting to see the most exceptional vehicle on the planet, not so. Just another rip-off merchant preying on the unwary that has lots of money, enthusiasm and no idea. Be warned there are sharks in the water (is that being unfair to the sharks). If you are not sure of your abilities when viewing a potential purchase take someone along with you that has. There are plenty in the club I'm sure.
  2. Jim S

    Towing mirrors

    I've a pair that clip on to the door that I no longer need where are you based?
  3. Sold my Saab 9-5 estate as surplus to requirements thinking my mother's wheel chair would fit into my 2000 saloon. No such luck so looking for a Standard Vanguard, Ensign, etc estate. Can  anyone help?
  4. Thanks for info guys, strange how SUX 999Y comes up on the Vehicle MoT website but not the government one
  5. Saw this on EBay today so thought I'd take a look. DVLA have it registered as a 1983 Talbot, which I feel is a bit strange. Does anyone know anything about it?  Is this a pretend car as it's not got a roll bar?
  6. Hope this is not too daft a thought but is the clivis pin the correct type and fitted properly as if not the return spring will pull the pedal back to a high position.
  7. I also voted for factory seats as I've owned two mk1 mx5's and I think with new foam in the original the TR7 seats are just as comfortable. I also owned a TR7 that had been fitted with Saab seats (not an easy task) which were very comfortable but would not slide forward enough for my little legs. As the previous owner was over 6ft it wasn't a problem for him. I tried modifying the method of securing from being welded directly to the runners to some alloy machined brackets but unfortunatly it made them too tall, altough I did get the fwd/aft adjustment I needed. I also bought a pair if Corbeau type reclining seats that fitted a treat until I tried putting the hood up and found the seat wings fouled it, they're now going in my Dolomite. Cheers, Jim
  8. Fitted the Rimmer SD1 Vitesse Disc/caliper conversion a few years ago and from what I can remember the calipers were drilled to suit the TR7 strut (a call to Rimmers might be worth a go). I'd definately recommend TR8 discs as a minimum. The SD1 conversion replaced Princess calipers and Capri discs and I can remember noting the original holes in the calipers were blanked and new holes were drilled to suit. As an aside, I've been trying to eleminate the vibration I get through the steering wheel and although I'd not linked the two before I wonder if it's the conversion that's causing it due to the extra weight because the SD1 parts are very heavy.
  9. All excellent contenders but I'd like to nominate Car 16 for not calling it a day when they realised at Tebay Services that the vibration they were experiencing on the way up to JO'G was the bracket holding the diff in place had snapped. They nursed it down to Lands End where the tied it up with wire and successfully finished the run, how's that for dedication to the event! Car 99
  10. Got a confirmation last night so we're all sorted. Just need to get that gearbox and diff back in. See you all at the drivers meet on Sunday :)
  11. Got a confirmation last night so we're all sorted. Just need to get that gearbox and diff back in. See you all at the drivers meet on Sunday :)
  12. Wow! the Compass, that take's me back, I think Roz Pope was running things then. Things are a lot more active at the Civil Service Sports Club. Pop along (first Thursday of the month) some time, there won't be many Triumphs, if any, in the car park but there will be at least a dozen of us in attendance. Back to my current situation, things are looking up and the trip looks like a goer. I'll report back when I have something concrete.
  13. Good to hear from you GT6Boy, have you ever been along to our club night? it would be good to have a chat. It was supposed to be a Sprint engined 1850HL but that got delayed some what so I re-commissioned the 2000 saloon (2500 engine). It got me to Le Mans and back no trouble so it should be good for this once I've got the gearbox back in.
  14. Re my plea for help in another area of forum, how do I contact Dave? If I don't get a driver today it's all off for this event, a great shame but I must have three drivers.
  15. I bought cd a few years back titled "Driving Rock Ballads" which had some good tracks on it but also some that just didn't work for me so I started my own compilation of which 'Radar love' and 'Born to be Wild' were the first to come to mind but also included 'Highway Star' and 'Speed King' by Deep Purple. Thanks guys for the other suggestions I'll be adding some of those to it.
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