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  1. Thought I would throw in my thoughts as an entrant rather than one of the organising team-so these are just my personal ramblings I felt this was one of the best routes/timings out of the 13 runs I've done-Loved falls of shin, great toilets! good snacks plenty of time for a stationary catch up kip, enjoyed "Glasgow" stop -better crack than an Esso forecourt, Oakhampton-again good excuse for a kip- seem to remember having a kip at Gordarno on previous runs Stress free run back to Knebworth My Whiney bits- (non mechanical) Sort your bloody headlight's out before the event! -followed a crew up the A9 every approaching truck flashed it ,god knows what it was like for the Triumph in front of him -when asked he didn't realise his lights were on main beam?!! WTF - had several other badly set up lights follow me ,no need for it set them up prior to the run and road test at night Driving standards- I am more than happy to pull over and do, on doing so for one crew who constantly caught up and tailgated me in 30 mph zones - I let them past coming out of a 30 zone- indicator on slowed right down and pulled over - ...they then held me up on the quicker flowing national speed limit sections for the next 30 miles .. - they also had dodgy headlights!- leave your "nothing will over take me ego at home " Fixing stuff - you need common sense to fix stuff .don't come on the event if you don't have common sense...
  2. Team Shed door to door 2257 miles 64.8 gals 34.8mpg Triumph 2000- TR6 engine on carbs CW cam -driven enthusiastically badly..
  3. Free cider for anyone who can tell me how to run this file from aldon ignition 
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