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  1. TRev

    Spit Mk4 Clutch.

    Hi Tony Try Sterling Brake & Clutch in Onehunga, Auckland tel 096364919 I had them overhaul my brake calipers and they kept parts for older cars Cheers Trevor
  2. Hi Clive Thanks for the info, I was unsure as some websites put both diffs in the same group. Anyway will find out for sure as having the diff reconditioned. Unfortunately here in NZ (clear blue sky, light breeze, 25 C  ;D) later spitfire diffs are not easy to find but heralds were. Thanks Trevor
  3. Hi All I have pulled the diff from my Spitfire to find its from a Herald 13/60 (GE series), does anybody know if the crown wheel and pinion from a DM series (ie. 1500 Dolly) is a straight swap? This will change the ratio to something a little better I hope. Thanks Trevor
  4. TRev

    spitfire doors

    I used the method in the link below, basicly put a block of wood in the top of the door shut and pushed on bottom corner of door worked on my spitty after door skin had been replaced. http://www.autobodystore.com/ms1.shtml Trevor
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