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  1. Fitted new EBC disc's (rotors)and green stuff pads, and JONI now stops!!!
  2. Its a smart arse reply to someone who doesn't fully understand an engineering issue, like sending the apprentice for sky hooks...not really helpful when you are asking for genuine advice on a forum!!
  3. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!!
  4. I have this clunk as I drive maybe worse on overrun but I think it there all the time, new UJs on prop and half shafts so not those...I have some play in the diff and enclose a couple of videos (turn sound up high) do you think this is the cause of my clunking? Any comments welcome... IMG_2873.MOV
  5. Yes the door glass has a stop and can be seen in fig 35 of those notes.
  6. Yes the door glass has a stop and can be seen in fig 35 of those notes.
  7. Hi David I understand you no longer have to show insurance to tax a vehicle... Ted, Thanks the best answer yet (including sports six forum) so yesterday I did insure with PJ so now I just have to wait and see what happens. Technically I have gone three months without insurance or declaring SORN, that is an offence. I will post if I get any kind of fine as a result of my mistake. Thanks for reply's.
  8. Right looks like I messed up, keen to take advantage of the new MOT rules in May I taxed my car from 1st June. It wasn't on SORN because it had been off the road since the eighty's so it didn't need to be. Today 23 Aug I got a letter fro MID informing me it was not insured, its not insured because its still in the garage where its been for the past 30 years, I was not aware it had to be Insured unless I was going to use it on the road. So the letter states Insure it or SORN it, I can do either but will either of them invoke the fixed penalty fine? Can I Insure or SORN it back dated to June? If I Insure or SORN it from today will I still get a fine? The letter states act now to prevent a fine, but will I automatically get the fixed penalty once they realise it was uninsured/not SORN for three months. Anyone any experience of this?
  9. Hi Barry You might be better off posting under the 'Vitesse' section of the forum rather than 'in the shed' as thats where you will probably hit more Vitesse owners, some like myself very rarely if ever venture outside that particular section. Anyway welcome to the forum if you are new around here...
  10. In reply to the original question, I printed off the form V112 and filled it in and took it to the post office on 21st May straight after MOT exempt day, my car had not been taxed since the 80s so I had no renewal form. It was very straight forward the lady found the historic class of tax and processed it straight away, I asked for 1st June start date for the tax, got my receipt and the bill for zero. She was not sure about sending the V112 but I talked her into it. I think it would have gone through without sending as she had clearly taxed it as historical...
  11. It was a long Time ago but I am 99% positive I bought the LR one, mainly because of the price but also info on here that said it was a perfect fit at half price...
  12. I did it, I drilled holes where the spot welds were and puddle welded from topside of the the lip inside the boot, cleaned up the underside with a flap wheel.My main advice would be mind out for distortion around the wheel arch as it seemed to pull in quite a bit.
  13. pimp my vit

    Trim removal

    Use a old credit card to protect the paint and gently prise it up with a small pry bar... Thirty years of removing trim in car interiors!!
  14. I didn't buy from Fitchets but got mine from Rimmer, it a pretty simple panel so not much to mess up. mine fits a treat...
  15. Instructions sent by email...enjoy and good luck, it is very tight, slide them towards the centre of the door, but as mentioned you may have to widen the gap a little bit with a wedge.
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