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  1. I would say no, reason being that when you fit the spacer between the spring and diff the spring just hangs without touching the diff,someone with the definitive answer should come along though... The wheels need to be off the ground and just hanging.
  2. I have the body assembly training notes that include a section on the hood, PM me with a email address and I will mail it to you!!!
  3. Looks like an Eight track player... Just a guess based on 35 years in the In Car Entertainment business!!
  4. If it takes as long as my resto, then take digital photo's of every component and label every single part, you will be amazed how many bits you can't remember which way up they go or the exact location. Good Luck!!
  5. http://www.vikingtapes.co.uk/c-623-double-sided-tapes.aspx#.UhjQxxYTHzI Norm try here...you need a tape that is not very wide  15/20mm and thin, not the foam filled type it should be selotape thickness.
  6. A couple of tips from me. Do it with the roof off Get plenty of bulldog clips Use double sided tape rather than try to glue the edges, especially if you are going to leave the roof on or the glass still in situ.
  7. Complete re-wire is quite difficult without some technical knowledge, first get yourself a haynes classic car electrical manual, then have a look at www.vehicleproducts.co.uk and get a catalogue, you will find a chart on what size/amp wire to use for each component, obviously things that take higher current will need larger wire, you will see exactly what you need..............good luck.
  8. pimp my vit


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-MG-Midget-Austin-Healey-Sprite-Triumph-Spitfire-Kit-Car-Bucket-Seats-/180908975487?_trksid=m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D4%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D45094550071739603&_qi=RTM1084480#ht_1039wt_1343 On ebay at the moment.........(no connection)
  9. Sorry , link no longer available Have a look at this, scroll down the page and you can see some photos of a repair in this area, also I think the last photo is the repair panel that available........
  10. http://autorepair.about.com/library/a/1g/bl996g.htm The above link will show you about 'A' 'B' and 'C' pillars unless you have some good welding skills that is a tough area to fix, also it is structural and useful if you ever have the misfortune to roll the car, I have repaired that area on mine but since then saw a whole replacement floor pan that will cover some of your hole, also you will need a tread plate panel and the bracket to mount to the chassis, my guess is if you buy these you can temporarily place them and then see what metal is missing, then decide what to do all in its quite a big job and as others suggested you might find it easier to source a whole new bulkhead, they do come up on ebay. Anyway good luck and if I can help in any way I will,photo's etc.
  11. So does the weatherstrip go the whole length of the door or just to the quarterlight frame?
  12. Don't Ron, this is also my nightmare, I have to paint and refit my doors prior to Churchill show on 10th June, i know they will hang like a bag of whatsit, also I just know trying to get the quarter lights in after painting will be another nightmare, I can't see how you can do it without taking most of the paint off in the process!!
  13. pimp my vit


    Fitted the headlining to my saloon yesterday, I used a really good quality double sided tape rather than glue (glue gets everywhere especially if its the spray on stuff. Also used bulldog clips to hold it in place at opposite end to that I was pulling at. Overall Its not a bad job I have a few wrinkles (me and the roof) I am tempted to put a heat gun on it to see if it shrinks, anyone know if that works??
  14. I agree with Gary that they share the oil, I would be interested to know how much oil you get in as I need to buy some, I think the book say's a liter of oil is the capacity of the gearbox but I can't find anything relating to the Overdrive capacity!! Good luck on the MOT
  15. Camilla you need to get your engine number to find the correct one!!
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