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  1. During looking for the thread on hoods, I came across my thread on the repair in order that the 'trailing arm'(?) bracket could be safely re-attached, having pulled away due to (fortunately!) just local corrosion.....I noticed that I hadn't posted a picture of the front of the repair - so here it is......
  2. It does appear to be a little too short, yes - I think the little madam might be growing!!
  3. Thanks for your reply........no it hasn't - the odd night if the weather has been fine, but that's all. Given it's an old hood & I had it several years before it was fitted I would have thought that any shrinkage would have already happened. I would worry about really forcing it as the pressure on top of the windscreen would be huge!
  4. PS. Sorry if this is a 'thread hijack' - I thought I was posting under 'new topic'.....(haven't been on here for a while & not used to the new site....)
  5. Following on from my above post about my old 2nd-hand white vinyl hood/frame, that was fitted a couple of years ago, I have now found that it will not clamp to the top of the windscreen. This is strange as during last winter it was all fine. It should be easier during the summer months, if anything, as the air temps. are higher which should allow a little more stretch. i haven't yet tried to slacken the frame mounting bolts to take up any slight adjustment that might be there but am wondering whether anyone else has come across this? She lives outside & is used all the year round.
  6. Aforementioned brake pads & new front 'flexis' fitted - braking much improved. The old pads had plenty of meat on them but exhibited a very 'glazed' surface.
  7. ...I have a set of five 5" Spitfire/Dolomite wheels for sale - they're not advertised as yet.....& they will most definitely need a refurbishment...(Just a thought! 🙂)
  8. You would be hard-pushed to restore a GT6 to that standard for the money asked - to put it into perspective, Mathewsons recently sold a Mk2 RS2000 'barn find' - off the road for decades, probably 120k on the clock.......with a stoved-in rear, nearside quarter & a very rusty roof, for the same (or very similar money) as being asked for this GT6! Superbly restored cars will always attract a premium price. The oil filler cap presents a discordant note - perhaps just a 'stopgap' - maybe the new one dropped off after not being fitted properly....or being defective, more likely if new replacement. Was the grille black originally - it doesn't seem to look right?? That said, that car looks superb & worth the money!
  9. I've got a (shrunken) white hood on my 1200 convertible of late '64. No clue there, sadly, as I bought it 2nd-hand attached to a hoodframe, quite a few years ago, now. The windscreen crosspiece of the hoodframe had disintegrated, together with the hood, & the replacements, individually, were/are rather expensive...so getting the two together already fitted to each other, was the ideal cost-effective solution. But vinyl hoods certainly do shrink!
  10. Scimher


    I have been looking at this question as I have to replace 4 very old 135x13 'retread' tyres on my 1200 convertible. I read somewhere, years ago, that the 135 tyre was the nearest to the 5.20 crossply. This has subsequently been discounted, I believe, as even the full profile 145 tyre is supposed to be a fractionally-less rolling radius than the original 5.20 crossply tyre. It would appear that the 145 profile tyre is the way to go on the original 3.5" rims.......with 155 being saved for the 'Estate' rim...ie. 4.5" one. There was never a 4" rim, was there?? Certainly Longstone Tyres recommend 145 tyres for the original wheels... Before low profile tyres became the norm, tyres tended to be full profile which was '82' - full profile tyres now tend to be '80' - which is sometimes mentioned on the tyre casing, but usually not.....
  11. New front brake hoses & pads...(to hopefully cure a sticking offside calliper - am hoping that an old brake hose is breaking up inside - if that doesn't work then new callipers & discs will be the order of the day....). A replacement steering rack to be fitted..(thank you, Antonia...) & a new set of five 145x13 tyres to be fitted..(to replace the old 135 profile 'retreads'..............Oh, & a hole in her nearside sill tread area, close to the bottom of the 'A' post to be rectified with some more cosmetic areas welded. My good friend, Mike, who has kindly undertaken the welding already done, will do that & will also manufacture a replacement front chassis bar - I then need to get the fibreglass front valance that needs sending to me - or me collecting it..(a Faecesbook purchase, ages ago!..)....fettling & getting it on.....Before a lot of that; an oil/filter change & service...Plus a few other 'odds & sods'... .....With all that done, she will still look derelict - inside & out!..............One day! One day, perhaps, the ugly duckling will be transformed into a beautiful swan! (Sadly, the very lovely MG TA is not mine!!)
  12. I see, Clive - thanks for the explanation re. asbestos & hoovering........Noted!
  13. ...I would have thought a hoover would have been okay?....Anyhow, academic for the moment. If the Girling pads do have asbestos they shouldn't cause too much damage if the pads are done in the open air - which they will be. Re. forum - I see. I suppose it's just a case of monitoring to see how it all goes...
  14. Thanks Clive......That's rather more reassuring. I presume the pads in the link, above, appear to be okay to you....Dear owd 'Little Sis' is hardly a hotrod - her engine rattles in protest if she deems revs. &/or acceleration to be a little on the high side! 'Racing' quality brakes with expensive, fancy pads, are hardly called for. She just needs braking commensurate with fairly gentle use. ( Have I posted this under the correct section? I did look for 'Herald' (Vitesse?) posts but there appears to be no current division between models...)
  15. Sounds a bit of a lottery. I've secured the Girling pads in the above link - not sure of the conditions they've been kept in...but the box has survived pretty well which, hopefully, is a good sign. Surely if they can cope with extreme temperatures, plus rain, snow, mud, ice & spray during fitment, they can cope with being on a shelf for a good few years....
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