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  1. Slight detour in Amble to get gellato from Spirallis... Wonder if we can re-find the route.
  2. Just great to see the line of Triumphs assembled ready for the start this morning
  3. Thanks @Ben Hutchings! A bit of a damp run up through Skipton and beyond last night, but arrived safely in Lancaster as planned. Breakfast... Fuel... Then away!
  4. Very interesting, thanks Nick, I guess if I don't see the issue on the Border Raiders then there is a fair probability it was the recon dizzy.
  5. No rubber damper on the 1500 - the pulley is keyed directly to the crank. But keep the ideas coming, cos I'm completely stuck!
  6. Thanks Danny, I'll do some voltage checks. The timing seems stable at tick over (if I get it set up for a clean not lumpy tick over) but just seems to move over time.
  7. Interesting! A friend of mine is a "Naval Architect" and has to have a navy rank for when he's aboard ship. At one time he was on the bridge of a destroyer and asked one of the senior officers "Am I the ranking officer on the bridge?" to which he got the response "Sir, we'll agree that technically that is the case, just so long as you agree not to give any orders"
  8. I'm a bit stumped and although the fault seems to have gone I'm nervous about it returning as I haven't found a root-cause. A month or so ago I got the Spitfire back on the road and started running in the new engine. But over time I found the ignition was too far advanced giving me pinging even under moderate load. I re-timed everything on the assumption that either I'd done the timing wrong in the first place OR that things were just "bedding in". After a week or so of running I checked it again and this time it's way to far retarded, so I re-timed again. Then the other night it was so far out that the mis-fire stopped me in my tracks, "twiddling" with the dizzy position got it running well enough to get me home. I've gone back to my old dizzy now just to be on the safe side. I pulled the water pump and took the timing cover off to check that the vernier gear on the cam hadn't moved - still where it should be and no signs of movement (all the bolts re-tightened and thread lock applied) I've inspected the recon dizzy I removed and I can't find anything wrong with it, because of the engine spec there's no vac advance and the base-plate is firmly locked in place. The bob-weights seem to move freely as expected. The recon company have (very kindly!) agreed to re-inspect the dizzy if I send it back to them - so at some point I'll do that. Dizzy cap is locking firmly in place with no slop/movement when clamped down. I'm out of ideas if the cam timing isn't moving and everything in the dizzy seems to be behaving I can't see how my timing is all over the place. Oh and I've see the same "jumps" and "moves" in the timing on both points AND electronic points replacements.
  9. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary... "Software Development Manager" aka "Cat Herding" I feel pretty lucky, I enjoy about 80%+ of my work (which is a much better percentage than a lot of jobs) and my current role is 100% home based as I manage teams in different countries.
  10. To be honest I'd just double double double check that it's not running very lean or too far advanced at tick-over but correct at full chat. That would give you a pretty good reason for the engine temp rising in traffic/low RPM.
  11. @Ben Hutchings I'll see what I can do
  12. Andie has "followed" @border_raiders on "Insta" and says she'll tag/post during the run. (No, I don't understand it either)
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