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  1. What a fantastic outcome to all your hard work! Nice one and welcome to Club Triumph!
  2. Is it me, or does the VIN on this advert suggest it's a V8'd TR7, not a TR8? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284462740520?hash=item423b4cf428:g:JQEAAOSw835hTJdr (5th letter should be V not J?)
  3. Anyone know if it's the same as a MK1 Civic? There's a reconditioned one on eBay at the moment.
  4. I favor Falken Ecorun on my Spitfire, but the speed you want has a version but it's not exactly the same as the ones I have. I have the H rated Sincera, you'd want the V rated Ziex (https://www.blackcircles.com/catalogue/falken/ziex-ze310-ecorun/185/55/R15/V/86/m?tyre=37622718) I'm very happy with the Sincera.
  5. Hi Nuala, I've had no luck trying to draw bushes out of the diffs, I've tackled them with hole cutters and a hammer and chisel. https://yorkshire-spitfire.blogspot.com/2014/10/diff-time.html
  6. I tried both email addresses I had for Flexo as I was trying to palm my spare bw35 off on him and heard he was after one... no response so presumably I have the wrong email address?!
  7. I guess that makes me mega-lucky! Tyres: Only four per visit. Calderdale Tip Rules
  8. Interesting, 185/70r14 SN832A still listed on BlackCircles, wonder if it's just remaining stock?
  9. DIY tool will definitely need bolting down, in my (limited) experience the smaller the rims the harder they are to get on/off. £20?!?! Somebody is taking the Michael IMHO. I know they have to pay a disposal fee on the old tyres, but it seems excessive.
  10. I'd go for Falken Sincera SN832A Ecorun a great all-round tyre with excellent wet grip.
  11. Anyone else watched series 3 of Brassic? Or is it a bit "low brow" ? The Herald featured in Series 3 episode 4 is a star, but there's a few other Triumphs in the background at the car show! Bloody Sky app on my laptop won't let me take a screenshot and I can't find any pics online... Showing plate XHM201
  12. I looked into owning a car in the US for a road trip, but unlike Billy's situation of owning and insuring a UK car the reverse seemed really expensive and complicated. The only cost effective way to do it would have been to get a friend in the US to buy it and insure it and "lend" it to me for the trip. As to shipping to the USA... not sure how much a European car would be required to be modified to be used in the US. Shipping each way... my guess about £1.5K - £2K for container shipping?
  13. If true that's a bit of a kick in the teeth for people interested in the 10CR but not on the RBRR.
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