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  1. I managed to cross thread the brass fitting for the petrol tank outlet this weekend so now I need a new one. I'm hoping one of my spares has a fitting, but I'm not holding out any hope. Anyway, I completed the rebuild of the check straps. I should have gotten a before shot, one was really rusty. But anyway, here you go. I bought some rivets from a local hardware store, but I suppose I could have made do with nuts and bolts. Now I need to add the rubber bits to my pending order, which includes windscreen trim.
  2. Yeah. Desktop or mobile, it's the same. My last post now doesn't have that option, but it did for a short time after posting. I didn't time it though.
  3. Took my check straps apart for derusting and repaint. Maybe I can get my fuel tank connected today and get the fuel can out of the passenger foot well.
  4. I did that that, actually, and the option wasn't there. It was on the correction post, so it must be available only for a limited time. I must have missed the window.
  5. I meant Daily Driver....Helps to proofread 😉 Isn't there a way to edit posts?
  6. Drove well enough. Needs alignment yet. She loved the ride. About 5 years ago we went for a spin around the block, with no glass. This one was more enjoyable. No wind noise, and the headliner helped quiet things down too. Never even had that back in 95 when it was my fauylt driver---talk about noisy!
  7. I got the door handles and horns in. As well as my custom brake light hinge cover. Took my wife for a nice drive around the block and stopped by my parents. They've never seen it this complete, even when I was driving it daily-but neither have I
  8. No, it didn't really need a press tool. Just by hand. It did come coiled, so I had to warm it with a heat gun as I went. I used a hair dryer on the tailgate trim and it ended up looking a little better.
  9. I got the windscreen and the quarterlites in in. And the weatherstripping too.However, the trim I bought with the gasket from Victoria British in '17 came up short. Neither Moss (whom they sold to) nor LMC Truck (their parent company or something) are willing to rectify the issue. I'll just buy another I guess---it's not like I've never bought two anything before.
  10. Finished the headliner. It fought me at times but I won the war.
  11. One of the trim pieces for my bonnet had some nice damage to it. Probably occurred when it was removed, prior to my ownership. An attempt was made to repair it, but it appears they used a flat bladed screwdriver, and it caused some pin holes you'll see shortly. I shaped the end of some flat steel to use as a dolly, and a 1/2" carriage bolt custom shaped to get in behind the rolled edge. I alternated using the dolly's and a file. 3 Here's the pinhole. But you can't see it from the topside. And the mostly finished product. I sanded it progressively with 180, 220, 400, 600, and 1500 grit sandpaper. In fact, I did this to all the bits of wing trim because, although straight and in mostly decent shape, there were many deep scratches and gouges. The deep stuff I filed out first. I need to give them a final polish, but I may need to use 2000 or 3000 grit as a next step before using a buffing wheel. One of the other pieces had two small divots on the top, which came out easily.
  12. Been attempting my headliner. I could take it to a trimmer, but I want to do it myself. How hard can it be, right? Right? Well, I've got from the windscreen to the B pillars complete but the sail panels are confusing me. I'll start with the pics then go with the questions. Headliner bows and sound deadener. I had the sound deadener too close to the rear bow and had to trim it back about 2" so I could get the headliner to stretch. Initial fit of the headliner. haven't glued anything in place yet. Its a longhorn white from Canley, which I believe Newton makes. The pockets for the bow ends were stitched too far and I had to cut it back about 3" on each end. Here you can see the area behind the quarterlite window where its folded over and wrinkled. I'm sure I need to trim more back. Any ideas? This is a tough area.
  13. I wanted to work on the headliner this weekend but the weather wasn't helpful. It seems the moment I pulled the car out into the driveway the wind kicked up terrible, so I pulled it partially back in so I work on the front end. Got the lights and brightwork on both the front and the back, which leaves the latches, door handles and fender trim left of the brightwork. First time in my 25+ years of ownership the badging has been on.
  14. Gotten quite a bit done. Re-reupholstered the dash pad. New wooden dash and instruments are in. The backend is nearly together. Fuel tank in. Rear hatch is on and glass in. Both doors are loaded with glass. Need to pick up some sound deadening so I can get the headliner in, then comes the windscreen and quarterlites. Bonnet electrics need connected yet.
  15. Thanks. I had hoped to have more to report today. The weekend was a bust for work, but I had good weather and plenty of time tonight, so I set about installing my refurbished wiper system. I had it all apart last Thursday for cleaning and lubing but didn't have the time to install, so that was the intention tonight. Only I somehow misplaced the internal spacers...the little sloped tube things. It's driving me bonkers because I had them on the cowl panel and needed to move them when I lowered the bonnet. No idea where I hid them from myself. Sent hours hunting, and nothing. I did find some bits I forgot I had ordered though.
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