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  1. On any web site the /index.html page is the HOME page.
  2. The site is owned in Australia and hosted in Canada, its international. The is not selling parts it only facilitates the sale by listing your add. The sale is made between the the purchaser and the seller directly. Have another look and read the index page, any further questions or concerns I am happy to answer using the contact page on the site.
  3. The site is owned by me and hosted in Canada. happy to answer any questions from the contact form on the site. Bernard.
  4. Time to start digging out all that old stuff left over from restoration projects, or parts purchased new that were never used. There is a new web site to help you put the parts back into circulation. Check it out at www.trumpybitz.com listing is free for an introductory period.
  5. The question is which bracket goes on what side. I recently found that my adjusting brackets were installed back the front. The larger one in the photo for Brake Shoe Adjuster Kit - AAU8994 on Rimmers web site. Now I think they may also be on the wrong side. The retailers of these don't seem to know what goes where. My books don't cover it as they were a late in range feature. They are marked with the numbers:- 3134-851 which is on the near side on my car and 3134-850 which is on the off side. So! is this correct or were they back the front and arse about? Any help appreciated.
  6. I was mucking about on the week end with some loose bite I had lying around. You will see form the picture: The disc is from a Saab and is 270mm and the calipers are early Toyota Hilux. In the 14" wheel all a bit too large, but I got the design for the adapter bracket worked out,  Any one know the origin of the disc used in the after market kits available in the UK, I think they would be 260mm +or-. They would have to be Japanese for availability and price in Australia. Anyhow any info or comment welcome.
  7. I am fitting a set of extractors sourced from CW. The space between one of the tubes exiting from the power steering is about 10mm from the front down pipe of the extractors. I would consider this too close and in danger of a heat transfer from the extractors to the steering fluid. Also does anyone know if it is possible to turn the head section of the power rack so the tubes exit to the front/ towards the engine?
  8. Been searching this on the forum but can't find the definitive answer. What length do I need for the Spacer Tube gearbox cross member for ‘J’ Type Overdrive. Are they the same length as the BW65 Auto that I am swapping out? Shorter or longer?
  9. Thanks Gavin, Since found the info on Chris Witor's web site. Its 51 1/4" for the BW65 and 47 1/2" for the manual o/d.  
  10. I am changing from a BW65 to a manual O/D on my 1977 2500TC. It would appear that the propeller shaft will be too long. My books say there is about an 8.5mm difference between the auto and the manual but this is for the BW35. I have it set up on a trolley with the front and rear sub frames attached and it looks like the extension on the O/D box is about 2.5" 60mm longer than the auto. Anybody know what length I need I'd appreciate it.
  11. I want to move my radiator cap to the casting on the front of the head. Why? Its the highest point and seems a sensible place for it and would negate the fitting of a header tank.  But why?  Well I want to move the radiator forward to give more clearance in the front of the engine for electric fans and stuff. I am sure I have seen a photo of this mod somewhere in the past but can’t find it now, perhaps the 1970’s rally cars? Does any one have any experience/knowledge of this mod?
  12. I have just had another look at a set of 2.5 PI inlet manifolds I purchased to convert to a single throttle set up for my EFI project. The manifolds are just too good to chop up so am looking at making some. The 2.5 PI units have a tapered bore ending in an off round ovaloid hole at the head end. The question is why is the exit hole this shape?
  13. Here is another TDC method. Cam lift at TDC. Establish top dead centre, Place a pushrod in the cam follower and mount a dial indicator so it is in the same plane as the pushrod. I used number one intake. Make sure the cam follower is on the heal (bottom) of the lobe and zero the dial indicator. Now turn the camshaft in the same direction as the crankshaft until the lift at TDC is achieved. My cam card from the supplier stated 1.143mm. It is a 28 Btdc   66.5 Abdc on intake cam
  14. I tried the same method as Mat but it fouled on the power steering pulley. So I moved the Fan to the top left of the back of the radiator. I think the best solution is to mount two smaller, 9 or 10 inch fans on the back of the radiator at the top using the cable tie straps that are supplied with some fans through core. Two fans apart from fitting nicely give you the option of using two different temp settings.
  15. JohnD wrote:I I was thinking that the whole car must to the same standard and worth showing here. John Unfortunately rest of car, although solid is not yet to the same standard as the engine bay. Here is the latest with the dual exhausts.
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