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  1. Square or round, personal taste. What to be aware of is, according to lots of owners, ones fitted to the wings vibrate so much they are useless. I have a set fitted on the doors, they work very well. As for where to buy them - all the usual sources. What makes are best? don't know. I can't even tell you what make are fitted to my car. I think one at least is from Rimmers.
  2. Woodruff key, Allen key all very useful, but my favourite is the red one : When I select that one it means I'm going out 😄. I'll get my coat . . .
  3. As I said, also shown on the images of the label
  4. Yes now the UK is out of the EU phone companies no longer have to maintain the same charges as you move about the EU, so yes they are almost certain to increase. 2022 will be fine and back to normal. Unless . . .
  5. Rosbif


    I have 155/80 fitted to my 13/60. 155 is the max for the standard rim. As for rolling radius, I don't know but the speedo is pretty accurate (when not bouncing about ! 😄)
  6. Travelling around Europe is getting easier, slowly. To start with you have to be allowed in, let alone go between different countries and then watch out for local movement restrictions in each country and even between areas in the same country. I think you would be allowed into France with less restrictions from the 9th June, for instance. The timetable for the lifting of restrictions here is in 3 more stages. The important ones for you would be bars & restaurants 😁 and curfew times. By the 9th June, here in France, the curfew should be at 23h00, restaurants & bars max 6 per
  7. The lever serves to 'switch' the pick up pipe from main to reserve. In the normal position it points towards the back of the car, in reserve position it points to the right. It is a very basic system that just turns the pick up pipe a bit lower in the tank. There is a label on the tank top to show this - well there should be/was. The label is still available I think from some suppliers. One of the experts will be along in a minute to give you the part number and who has them.
  8. Seen it mentioned before, never tried it though
  9. Probably as part of Globalisation. when we moved here to France in '94 it was already called Cif. Another tip I recently came across was vaseline to brighten up hard plastic interior trim. I've tried it on the moulded plastic cover for the indicators and lights lever on the steering column, also the rubber boot on the hand brake lever it has given them a shine. I have even tried it on the cover fitted to the hood storage area, again has given it a shine. No idea how long it will last. I might try it on the hood itself, a vinyl one, although mine is quite good and spends its
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