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  1. Yes it seems they have one now, to replace what they had as part of the EU. What the benefits are for either side I don't know. I've seen references to an extension even beyond that, Boris is thinking it over as it is the UK that are due to introduce tarifs/quotas/restrictions on goods from the EU. The UK is suffering a bit more, it seems, from Brexit & Covid disruption than mainland EU.
  2. I got a newsletter from R*mm*rs a few days ago that might be of interest to people on the forum living in the EU https://rimmerbros.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/t/5DE08E4D8442A3F62540EF23F30FEDED/CFF86C24625AFD4CC4DA2C823DDA3384
  3. So, it is way too short then not just 'tight'.
  4. Has the car been parked up for a while with the hood down? Even in summer if I leave the hood folded for a while the first time I put it up it does need a bit more effort to get it to fit. I soon stretches back though. Try to get it to fit before slackening off anything
  5. E85? Are you sure, E10 Fair enough but E85?
  6. Frenchiemk2 : A bit of news that might be of interest to you. I've just had an email from Rimmers saying they can now offer "Delivery Duty Paid" service, that is to say no extra/hidden costs. At the moment an order has to be placed by phone or email but they will soon be able to accept orders via their web site. https://rimmerbros.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/t/5DE08E4D8442A3F62540EF23F30FEDED/CFF86C24625AFD4CC4DA2C823DDA3384
  7. The second photo: Are you sure there is a car in there 😁 It is doing a very good job of playing hide and seek.
  8. Sad. Best of luck finding a replacement at such short notice.
  9. Ouch! Hope you are fine. Can the car be saved? It looks so good, apart from the new modification of course.
  10. I fitted a bigger battery to my 13/60 (it was in my Skoda Roomster) and to extend the J bolts I just used an 'S' hook to get the extra length needed.
  11. Thanks for the 'translation' There is nothing there that gives any indication of country of origin of the site etc. but at least now we do have fuller details. It will be interesting to see if it catches on, fingers crossed & hoping for the best.
  12. Where's that? I don't see it listed on the home page. It must be a sub page of one of the other categories?
  13. The few items I looked at out of curiosity were all in Australia.
  14. Me too. I looked as well and couldn't find anything.
  15. That is always the case,but it will be worth it
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