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  1. Hi, Has anyone had INLET valve seats installed in a GT6 MK1. Due to the valves, inlet and exhaust, recessing into the head the PO had put shims under the rocker pedestals, otherwise there was no adjustment possible. I've had the exhaust seats done to convert to unleaded, it was while reassembling the engine I realised why they had used these hand cut brass shims, the inlets had recessed as well or perhaps they'd been cut to match the worn exhausts. Either way, the engineering company reckons they can't put inlet inserts in, as there isn't enough metal. If they try they'll have to cut into the water jacket. If anyone has had it done I can let them know it is possible. Thanks JMM
  2. I know all that but it's been cut so short you can't get enough of a grip to straighten the legs out. Which is strange when you compare it to all the other 'stuff' done to the engine during it's last rebuild. A shaped piece of feeler gauge used to try and mask a cracked head and block, no locking plate on the camshaft gear, shims under the rocker shaft to allow for the valve recession, wrong bolts holding the cam gear on (too short)and so the list goes on.
  3. Dunno, but you could nearly buy a refurbished shaft for what he wants for it. and the flange is probablyy taco shaped as well
  4. g'day, I'm in the process of rebuilding my engine and need to change the timing chain tensioner. The outer split pin is impossible to get hold of as it's been cut too short. Is there any quick ways of getting to it or will I just have to presevere with the long nose pliers and what ever else I can try to get in there? The other option is to drill the rivets out and remove the anchor plate, which would then need rivetting back on. Has anyone else came across this problem? JMM
  5. While looking for a replacement rear driveshaft/hub I found this gem...
  6.  Well it was cheaper to buy a reground crank with bearings and get it  delivered, that it was to get this one reground locally.  local price €45 per journal plus tax which is over €500. bearings extra reground one with bearings  delivered £220 unfortunatley I have to get the block bored at Monsieur   Opportuniste Vous a par les couilles Ingènierie I hope he realises I have a limited number of arms and legs otherwise I'll be using the good old myford to skim the head.  
  7. Clearly you've never worked on a Herald 🤪 Or a Fergie tractor
  8.  After trying all sorts of weird stuff to remove the rear hubs  I eventually ended up trying one of these https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07QYFRZHW/ref=dp_prsubs_2    And the hubs all but fell off. The hydraulic part wasn't much cop as the tiny crossbar just folded up on itself, but using the normal threaded part with a piece of aluminium between the end of the threaded rod and the shaft all it took was a bit of grunting and off they came. The hub flanges didn't warp and the only damage was to one of the retaining nuts (the first one before I opted for the aluminium) I left on incase it went ballistic. It cost about £80 but it's not a one job tool and should come in handy for other stuff including the Spitfire rear hubs if I ever need to do them.
  9.  Brilliant! That what I was after.  I can now order the bearings etc and get on with rebuilding this block. The original MK1 block has a nice crack and other problems between cyls 5 + 6. The original  engine is an early block with the small journals which is a shame as the crank is in better condition than the crank in the replacement engine. The fun never ends with this 2000 MK1. I should write a book on it. From the extended clutch rod, the cracked brake drum, the ham fisted attempts at set up the carbs, the silicon used to seal the float chambers and all the other class one bodges. The bodywork is nice  though.  Thanks again for the information. JMM
  10.  Do you happen to know what size each are?
  11.  Hi,  Does anyone know the dia of the main journals on a GT6 MK1 crankshaft? The reason I ask is that the only info I have is for the 2000/2500 saloon.  And that tells me that the 2000 engine has  2.0" journals and the 2500 is 2.3". My gt6 mk1 block 2ltr ( KC5***E) has 2.3" journals. I'm rebuilding it and want to make sure I order the correct bits.  Thanks 
  12. When it's running spray some easi-start (devil's fluid) around the joints. if it's drawing air in the revs will increase.  
  13.  I know it's been ages since I discovered this problem but I've only just found the time for engine G/box removal.  The pin wasn't broken, however the hole in the shaft was oval, the shaft bearings were gubbed. It actually looks like someone has twatted them with a screwdriver and hammer in an attempt to close the gap up. The spring on the end of the shaft is missing, it has the wrong release bearing carrier fitted and that  is mutilated. On a positive note the clutch itself looks fairly new. So ever fitted it probably thought " Now would be a good time to apply one of my world famous bodgies to the clutch mechanism" Given all that it will come as no surprise when I tell you the parcel shelves are held in place with 1 1/4" wood screws
  14.  How does one contact you other than via this forum subject as I'm sure you don't want to be leaving your details on a public forum? I don't but  I am interested in the cappings.
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