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  1. Hi sparky, thanks for your reply. That is essentially what we have concluded and gone with. We couldn't figure out why but it just seems like it's a common fault with these. We found an old slave cylinder which upon inspection had a 10mm spacer in it which confirmed to use that it's one of those issues that most people come up against and that is the work around! It's all in and running now, although it feels like I've traded the issues of my previous set up for a new set 🤦‍♂️ the clutch has full travel but is quite heavy, the biting point is quite close to the fully out position of the pedal (as in just before I remove me foot) and the car clunks as it goes into reverse suggesting the clutch is not fully disengaging the shaft. What was meant to be a simple swap has turned out to be a real pain!
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