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  1. Cheers, that would seem to confirm cd150 are sufficient. Are you running an efi set up?
  2. Glang I think it says that on Chris Witors summary of the different carbs used by the big triumphs. I've found calculators that people use to determine the size carb they need, it uses the displacement of the engine etc to give max cfm and that suggests that even at 100% efficiency (for the engine-which it will never achieve) the cd150 should be sufficient. Tim W, you've recommended the PH2 to me before on facebook, I'm definitely considering it, though I spoke to newman cams and they recommended the ph1. I've also talked to CW and he thought the standard gt6 cam would be better than
  3. Thanks for clarifying that, I'll stick with the cd150, which has the added advantage of keeping my life easy as well. I'll spend the extra time/money having the standard manifold cleaned up to get better flow to cylinders 2 and 5.
  4. Thanks, yeah google shows lots of good old threads bit they seem to be innaccesable now. My existing cd150 would be the same as the gt6, just with different needles so it would be easy to just get the gt6 needles...but then because I will use the better later intake manifold I'll still end up having to make up adapter plates etc. And yeah I have heard that it may be too much carb, but I've also heard that the HS6 from later cars is an upgrade and given they are 1.75 inch I figured the stromberg's would be the same. I know there are old threads from people with gt6 who have used HS6
  5. Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my 1970 2000mk2 with a gt6/vitesse cam, SU intake manifold, tr6 cast exhaust manifold, and a set of cd175 carbs. Has anyone run these carbs on a 2000/gt6/vitesse? I'm thinking I'll start with a set of the later tr6 needles or maybe tr7 needles as that engine was the same capacity. I don't expect any to be perfect but wondered if someone might point me towards a good starting point.
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