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  1. Totally agree. Thing is I was only pressing a uj into the prop shaft… if it was something else I would have found myself riding an epic man wave
  2. Thank you vice, you fought valiantly… just 1 and 1/4 uj’s too soon
  3. Lets hope its nothing serious that lets go on your trips and its just the basic running repairs.
  4. Oh yes, also need to replace all the cooling system hoses... and fluids, Im halfway there, full kit in hand so can say goodbye to the perished pipes.
  5. Thank you, I shall take measurements later so we can compare to see if it would fit etc
  6. Currently replacing the UJ's on the half shafts as well as the rear brake cylinders and shoes and currently contemplating the prop shaft UJ's next. Better to be safe than sorry...
  7. Hi Tim, What sort of assistance is required? I am happy to lend a hand however would need to be gone before 18:00 if possible, I have a prior arrangement to attend to.
  8. Hello, the clock in my 2500 saloon appears to have stopped working, it makes all the noises and is correct at least twice a day. I know it's trivial but for me it's more of a... it's there and therefore should work, so I am looking to get it working or replaced. Would anyone have a spare clock that possibly works but you have no use for it so it is currently collecting dust in the depths of your inventories? Failing that would anyone be able to point me in the right direction so as to find out how to carry out repairs on the unit myself? Thank you
  9. Is card accepted these days or is cash preferred. If so please could you point me in the right direction for prices so I can forward this to my co driver. Thank you
  10. I have a set of RBRR stickers on highway grade magnetic sheet I can put on the car for the full effect
  11. The plan is to arrive at 10:00 on the Friday, let me know if you would like to use Eric the project car on the stand.
  12. I'm there all weekend with Eric McTriumph, my mk2 saloon
  13. With the help of my father in law and my wifes awe inspiring ability to fabricate I have the passenger side sills refreshed, nice new steel, primered up... might need a little tidy up and a lick of paint now. Drivers side is next...
  14. This is what I have bought for my gearbox, it comes highly recommended by upstanding members of the Triumph world.
  15. It could be bearings in the diff having worn down a bit, when last (to your knowledge) was the diff rebuilt?
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