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  1. This is what I have bought for my gearbox, it comes highly recommended by upstanding members of the Triumph world.
  2. It could be bearings in the diff having worn down a bit, when last (to your knowledge) was the diff rebuilt?
  3. I had horrible vibrations on my saloon, from 60mph and up it felt as though the car had magically transformed into one of those massage chairs found at the odd motorway service station. I noticed at night the vibrations were cylindrical as headlights from following cars were spinning in a small oval shape. After swapping the prop shaft, checking all UJ's and still having the same problems I bit the bullet and had a spare diff rebuilt. Vibrations gone, now I can hear the layshaft bearings instead... I would try the diff rebuild route and you should hopefully notice a difference.
  4. Hello everyone, We are currently on the lookout for Original Workshop Manuals if anyone has any or all of them for sale. Spitfire 1500, Vitesse, Herald, GT6, Saloon etc Thank you
  5. Eric is going to have some bodywork done, I have sills and front wings to do over the next two months under the guidance of Richard Brake. My saloon will look like a patchwork car for the RBRR, Pimento with red oxide primer. Rebuilt diff ready to go in, standard 3:45. I also have a fuel light that isn't going out even with a full tank and want to have hazard lights just in case. Copious amounts of stickers ready to go on. Anything to bring a smile to tired faces in the early hours.
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