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  1. Yes, that's on the program of course, thanks
  2. News... Cylinder head sent to a regional pro. Check/controls, surfacing, replacement of guides and valves if needed Leather caring (a bit dry but not cracky). Genuine Motorola radio receiver (waiting for some Bluetooth upgrade or maybe just remote for bluetooth modified speakers).
  3. Thanks for your answer. Any idea about the offset/E.T specs on your alloys?
  4. Anyone has advise about E.T/offset value for 7" width alloys on 2.5pi mk2?
  5. Yes, i've already read that the inlets had seals, and i was surprised seeing seals on all 12 guides! And i noticed most of them looked quite new or in very nice condition. Maybe the cylinderhead for continental Europe was different or mine was renewed? I will examine closely all valves rods, but i will certainly replace the 3 that were seized and all the guides + valves seats for E85 as my cylinderhead is dismanteled.
  6. Well I need your expertise here. That part broke when i casted out one of the former stucked valves. 1st i thought its a bit of the head (because the material looks like cast iron rather than brass material) , but looking closely, it might be the valve guide sleeve itself? Any confirmation/invalidation would be welcome. What is confusing me are parts for renwal like valves guides that i can spot on internet stores have different shapes and also some say top valves seals only for inlet valves while my head had seals both on inlets and outlets. Thanks
  7. Well. Valves out. Oily rust on the rods... So I think I did well removing them... Shame that valves seal seemed not so old... One upper valve guide broke... (😢 ) well i wish it's only the guide... And that a pro can remove it now it's broken... 4 mates gave me professional address from 50min to 1h20 from home... At that point I think about replacing or not the valves too to fit new valve guides... Because some little marks... Springs will be replaced...
  8. Good news of the day : valves unstuck on every impulse. Next step : valve disassembling and lapping.
  9. Thanks for your comment, i remind it's my 1st ever Triumph so I really don't know which wheels would fit or not (measures)... Not bought yet and a bit expensive, but as you mention it, i would not like to touch rear arches, they look so nice genuinelly.
  10. Konig REWIND, 4X114,3, 7" X 15, ET9mm, seems wide to me, do you think they could fit Mk2 Pi Saloon?
  11. Nice job still going on! Fantastic, you're doing great. 🤩
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