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  • Club Triumph 2021 Table Top Rally Competition

    Welcome to the 2021 Table Top Rally, which will hopefully give you all a bit of a challenge and some fun throughout the year. This event is somewhat shorter than in previous years, having just 6 sections in total, and it also appears in the magazine for those that do not use the website. Costs are minimal; there is no entry fee, just the cost of Ordnance Survey maps and a romer (yes romer) which enables you to plot an accurate map reference.

    Maps required: 153 dated 2016, reprinted in February 2016, with a tree-lined avenue on the cover. Map 166 dated July 2015, reprinted in February 2016, with 4 tall buildings on the cover. We cannot guarantee older versions will work.

    At the time of writing the maps are £6.29 each from www.dash4it.co.uk and a romer from Don Barrow at £5.70, although I prefer a clear Perspex romer from www.harveymaps.co.uk at £2.00. This particular item needs to be rotated through 180° so that the name ‘Harvey’ is upside down otherwise you will be measuring off the wrong axes of the grid square and will plot incorrectly, a good magnifying glass is also useful. Now if you think that two maps is just one too many, we can supply a copy of the area by email, but it WILL NOT be to the scale of 1:50,000. If you wish to go this route we suggest you buy 166 as the majority of the event is on this map.

    This will give you a flavour of a normal “12 car rally” and show you where the skills you will be learning fit within an actual rally. You will receive a set of “Regulations” and a set of “Final Instructions” to assist with route plotting. This information can be key to the way you plot your route, so it’s best to print them off.

    Assistance in the form of examples of different types of navigation can be found on the Table Top Rally part of the Club Triumph website, entitled “RALLY NAVIGATION” to help you on your way. This will not appear in the magazine, but can be emailed to you.

    Now all you need to do is plot your route using all the information given and thereby ‘navigate’ your way from the start of each section to the end. After this, answer the route checking questions to gain points in the Championship. If you are stuck on a particular section you may e-mail a question to us (the organisers) via tabletop@club.triumph.org.uk , but a point will be deducted for each question answered.

    There will be two sections appearing in Club Torque magazine commencing in May, with two more in July and the last two in September, so six sections in total. The answers to each set of two sections are to be e-mailed to the organisers using tabletop@club.triumph.org.uk by the closing date of the 10 th of the second month following their publication giving approximately eight weeks, i.e. for the first two sections issued on May 15 th the closing date is July 10 th .

    The answers, maps and explanations will appear in the following magazine. The final set of answers will appear in the November magazine with the winner being announced shortly after this issue. Please do have a go, we want to show you that it’s really not too arduous and can be fun.

    Good luck everyone, we look forward to seeing how you get on.

    Nigel, Dale and Ellis.

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