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  1. Hi Ellis I'm off on The Monte Classique with Alek at the end of January and was trying to re-find all the useful info you had posted about do's & don't's of euro driving... regulations, documentation, autoroute cards etc ... but it no longer appears available here on the website... if possible can you put the link back up - or alternatively send me the pdf. Thanks
  2. We're running a little competition over on Twitter and Instagram during the event. Tina and Andrew Lacey have let us have a Club Triumph sun-strip, and two caps to be given to the three best entries. If you're seeing this and want to enter, just post a pic to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ClubTriumph10CR, or send it via Direct Message; whatever's easiest 🤷‍♂️ Cheers!  
  3. Car arrived back safely in on time covered transporter,this is what insurance is for,regards Michael 
  4. Wow... that was fantastic. Probably the best yet?  A very well done to Ellis, Theo and Roger (and all the other "route-finders") for a superb route, right up to the "mini-Alps" between Nurburg and Rolduc. How many hairpins did we do? 100? 200? 300? more? My Greenstuff pads are now Blackstuff pads and only half as thick. Thanks again.
  5. Hope you all have a safe, trouble free and enjoyable run!   😀
  6. As above, we are yet to book any hotels....... Where to stay??   Tom
  7. Priding myself on being fully prepped for the 10CR, I succumbed to the temptation to do some last minute fiddling... decided to top up the gearbox oil using a large syringe via my neat little access panel in the gearbox tunnel. Squeezed syringe and the small plastic nozzle (about 10mm x 15mm) detached itself and dropped into my gearbox... Taking a cross-section of internet wisdom it seems that I should just 'carry on' as the plastic will just get shredded in the gearbox. then drain & flush out the gearbox in a couple 1000 miles.  Any advice / sensible opinion gratefully received.  
  8. Well, nearly. Just got to sew velcro on the boot lid carpet, jack up rear and double check every nut and bolt we touched recently, including new driveshaft! But. Most important task is done: decals!
  9. The newly rebuilt engine, with 1200 miles under its belt, is now kaput. Despite much care in machining and build it has developed a big-end knock at certain revs.  It started with a harshness and slight growl at late 2k/early3k revs on load, and sub 3k on constant light load throttle, which sounded like the gearbox input shaft noise I'd had before, but only in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 4th was fine.  Post mortem will have to wait until after the 10CR. Yesterday afternoon was different though with a definite big-end sounding rattle/knock.  The engine is already on its way out of the car and the spare 1296 has been dusted down ready to put in later this morning.  Fingers crossed it fires up ok.
  10. Road Book P9 under points to note.. says: 3. In the instructions you will notice suggested lunch stops. These are NOT compulsory, so please take these into consideration when working out if you are running late or not. Please can someone list them as I don't seem to be able to find these in the route descriptions. Thanks
  11. Are the latest tom sat navs able to take routes,files etc. Regards michael
  12. Apart from Tim (Car 44) and us (Car 49) are any other crews on this sailing and do you fancy a low key convoy to Charleville-Mezieres/Sedan?  Tim  
  13. During the last 10CR we encountered these zones for the first time around Lille, but this time they are much more of an issue. While we should be OK for most of Europe cars made before 1993 cannot pass through any green zones inside Germany at any time! There are 58 zones in Germany that our cars are forbidden from using, which include most of the major cities and many main routes. While I am certain that Ellis & Co. will have taken care of this in preparing the recommended route, it is common to take faster/shorter routes cuts to catch up. In these cases you need to be very aware of the risks of entering a restricted zone by accident. Further details can be obtained from Green-zones.eu          
  14. Hello all On the map (webpage) it appears that the starting pont has just moved 20 KM toward Sedan. Is this true?   Cheers Nick
  15. A word of warning to entrants travelling through France:  I recently come back from two weeks in French Alps, and yesterday got a speeding ticket sent to my home address for exceeding the limit by 5 km/h - 75 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. This was on a quiet rural A/B road which I think used to be 80 km/h. I cannot remember seeing a speed camera but do vaguely remember seeing an unmarked blue van parked in an entrance to a field at the side of the road. I do not make a habit of exceeding the speed limit (especially in France) as I was in a fully loaded 15 year old Discovery, but either I did not realise it was a 70 limit or my eyes were enjoying the scenery & road and I was not paying enough attention to the speedometer.  It appears there is little or no discretion applied to exceeding the limits by even the smallest amount in France so be careful and get your navigator to keep an eye on the speedometer on the SAT NAV rather than rely on your Triumph's dial which are often 10% out which is certainly the case on the Triumph I will be using on the 10CR next month!  
  16. Hi we have I guess all had Ellis mail re dashcam's. It came a bit as a shock to read that you are not allowed dashcam in Austria so I have been reading up a bit. I just bought an Actioncam to film our sheniganing.  It would seem that filming for touristy purposes is not prohibited (info is 4 years old however) but that they take an issue with privacy of filmed persons and property. so basically you would seem to be allowed to record that record breaking assault of the Silveretta but not film that B@@@y tourist that brakes before every corner and causing traffic jams. This would make sense as I can see a lot of bikers with action cams on their helmets Anyway, to each his own etc and dont blame me if you get fined 10000 euro's! Googling I came across this thread on BHP it has nothing to do with dashcams but they are filming a jag on the GrossGlockner pass. Just to make your mouth water! https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street-experiences/174704-using-drone-shoot-car-commercial-high-alpine-road-austria.html Dirk    
  17. Hi All, Is anyone laying up this side of the channel beforehand? We are planning on spending the night before in a hotel in Folkstone if anyone is around. Cheers Tim
  18. Thought I'd start a thread to discuss what spares / tools people are thinking about taking. One piece of advice I will give, if you think you have something not right with the car, and you're taking a spare "just in case" - change it before you go!  
  19. Are the latest tom sat navs able to take routes,files etc. Regards michael
  20. Hi all, Newby question I know we have the evening stops all sorted, but how do we decide on the routes between.  Is it like the RBRR where we get a route book or is it every person for themselves? Cheers Tim
  21. I plan to benefit from the flexible ferry return and spend another day or two on the way home to visit some battlefields/tunnels/trenches/museums/memorials. Anyone else interested? I would appreciate suggestions from anyone who has done such a trip. Tim 
  22. Hi all, quick question. I ordered my ferry tickets through the company the cloud suggested. All very smooth, but don't have any confirmation.  Should I have received anything through the post by now? cheers tim
  23. My co-driver had the misfortune to be involved in minor three incidents in the past few years so when I tried to put him on my policy me Insurers would not cover this driver due to 3 fault claims within 2 years. I have used the broker and insurance companies involved for many years without any  problems (Peter Taylor / Allianz) but can anyone suggest an alternate who may accept him? Thanks Howard      
  24. I want to withdraw from this years 10CR. Can I do this on the web page if so how, been thru lots of pages but cant find a way of doing it! Or do I need to contact Ellis or Jason directly? The original plan was to do the event with Libby but her daughter starts school the same week as the 10CR starts... Thanks Mike
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