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  1. Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for modern oil or are they not a negative application?
  2. I have quite a few UNF ‘nylon insert’ nuts (5/8, 3/4,  7/8) spare. Also have 5/16 light and heavy washers, and 6g x 1/2” self-tapers which are used with spire-clips for sidelights etc. Why? Once upon a time I started a tiny business selling packs of fixings for restorations etc, and thence upon a time i stopped :)  I’d rather they help toward someone’s maintenance or restoration than selling as a job-lot on eBay, so if anyone needs a handful, please let me know. Happy to send them if you pay postage, otherwise you’re welcome to collect from Che
  3. Struggling here with my 63 Vitesse 6. Been running sweetly for the last 2 years since new dizzy, points, condenser, rotor arm, coil and plugs. 11 days ago I was out for the afternoon and after about 1hr driving a small misfire developed. Got a bit more persistent but no problem getting home. It was one of those scorching days and I wondered if it was fuel related or the dreaded vapour lock - though I've not experienced either before. I cleaned and re-gapped points and plugs, reset valve gaps; checked float levels, fuel pipes and generally anything else as a minor service was due and I wanted
  4. Hello, I went under the front car to see an oil leak and I was puzzled by the mount configuration. It seems that the mounts are not in the right place and that there is some additional white rubber in front to support the engine !!! Any ideas ? Cheers Gilles image link :    
  5. RMC590L


    Im looking to do a engine rebuild on my 1973 2000 2litre. I want to try and increase the power a bit without losing drivability. I have been looking into camshafts. One that i have been looking at is from a tr6. I have been told there are 2 different power engines in tr6's. The CR version at125bhp and the CP version at150bhp. Its been suggested to me that the cam from the lower powered CR engine will work in a 2 litre engine and do what im asking.  Has anyone fitted a tr6 camshaft to a 2 litre? If someone has what was the results? I can get my engine number if needed.  Thanks i
  6. Hello all, I'm just doing some research on new oversized pistons for my 1965 1147cc Spitfire engine which is currently at the machine shop being inspected and measured up. It currently has .030 oversized bores and will need to go to either .040 or .060 (depending on how the inspection goes this week). I found this an incredibly helpful comparison between NOS and aftermarket pistons (http://www.wbclassics.com/tech/tr6/engine/triumph-tr6-cast-piston-comparison). My engine builder is old school and specifically asked me to find NOS pistons if I could and didn't like the quality of County, alt
  7. I'm planning on installing my 3 rail J-Type overdrive gearbox in my Herald 1200 shortly. Could someone sell me what length propshaft I need? I understand the D-Type boxes use a 46.5" -- 47" propshaft from a non-OD Vitesse, or from a 2000, but I thought I'd heard the J-Type boxes are slightly longer, and thus require a shorter propshaft. Can anybody confirm? Thanks.
  8. Hello!!! I'm about to change / renew my half shaft UJs and have a voucher for a well known company in Sleaford, Lincolnshire I'd like to use! On their website they list three different types of UJ :-   i) Circlip type GUJ102  ii) Circlip type Heavy Duty OEM Quality GUJ102HD iii) Staked type GUJ102 Staked I also have a pair of NOS Unipart UJs (GUJ116). Would one be more preferable to use than another ( although i must admit the staked prices are a bit on the costly side)? Thanks!  
  9. On emptying my old dads garage I discovered an old catalogue.  Just wondered if anyone would be able to use it?  It looks original and has exploded diagrams of all elements of the saloon & coupe models.
  10. I have been working with a chap from New Zealand to make available video versions of the old Standard Triumph training film strips.  Here is a link to the whole current playlist.
  11. Took the Spit for first drive since November. Wouldn't start until I used quick start. It had rough idle and when driven it misfired and backfired. I drained the petrol and filled it up with fresh and it ran like a dream. I worked out the petrol was 7 months old. Never had this before but then its the longest I've not used the car. Danny  
  12. My Spitfire 1500 seats recline quite a lot I am looking to lift them up (it's an age thing). However they click into the floor frame for stability any suggestions.
  13. Friend of mine sold his Spitfire SBW471T a few years ago. But the seller turned out to be a dealer and sold it on..    Something that he didnt like as he spend lots of money on her in the years he drive her. But since then the car is never been seen..  But its still on the road ! So if you own or know where it is.. let me know.  
  14. Hi all, I need to fit a new speedo drivegear onto the mainshaft of a '77 1500 Spit. The drivegear is of course plastic and I've already destroyed 2 trying to fit one on. I've lubricated the main shaft and i've heated the drivegear in boiling water hoping to expand it but still it's so tight it has to be banged on and the plastic simply snaps. Has anyone replaced one successfully please and how on earth did you do it???? Thanks! Steve
  15. Help please. I am recommissioning a 1980 TR7 but I am struggling to get it run properly. Sorry this is a bit long, but trying to preempt the questions and suggestions! Symptoms: Starts cleanly, idles OK maybe a little lumpy. Drives ok at low throttle openings (up to 25%).  Gets worse at higher loads, no power a wide throttle opening and what sounds like a bad misfire.   What I have tried: I have checked spark energy on each cylinder using a tester which shows the spark will jump a very large gap in free air (over 1cm).  This is well into the green scale on the test
  16. Today, in the lovely weather, I painted the front footwells of Little Sis - (tomorrow, hopefully, the rear ones!) I also took some photos of the front, nearside brake assembly & wonder whether you, very kind, experts, can tell me whether she has Type 12 or 14 front brakes............I'm pretty certain they're 14, but can't remember....I didn't take any measurements, I'm afraid.  
  17. I have a replacement hood (fortunately already attached to a replacement hoodframe...) to fit. My rear deck is doing a passable impersonation of a sieve & someone in the village (a pro-welder who is into VW's to such an extent that one of the VeeDub mags. are visiting him this week to do a write-up!) has taken pity on me & the car & has offered to do something with it & only suggested that I buy him a few beers - I will of course put him on my list of deserving people to be paid summat but, meanwhile, I am right in saying that that particular panel is unobtainable am I not??
  18. I will be going to the post office tomorrow to get my free road tax and get the log book changed to Historic on my 1980 Spitfire. The dvla shows the production date as Dec 31st. But I have a heritage certificate which says Mar 23rd 1980. Do I need to send that off separately to get that changed or will the post office send it off with the log book to the dvla. Danny
  19. Having collected 'Little Sis' (late '64 1200 conv.) from my wonderfully kind friend, Mike, who has repaired the trailing arm mounting & driver's floorpan..(see relevant thread).. I drove her to my equally good friend's garage unit. He was impressed by what had been achieved. As the light was going, I decided to switch the sidelights on before driving off......nothing happened!! I jiggled the knob (as the actress advised the bishop to do!!) & kept twisting it on & off.......the lights came on & stayed on. The column stalk seemed to be working fine. I drove up to the local chipsh
  20. Bit of a crisis! My poor dear little 1200 conv. has had the bracket that holds the 'tie rod(?) to the outrigger, come adrift. My pro. pal 'tack welded' it as a temporary, get-you-home repair. I've looked at replacement outriggers & plan on getting one, asap, from Chic Doig (who seems to have a good reputation for his panels.etc.) Question is.......can the old one be removed & the new one replace it, with the body on? Any help, advice, experiences (good & bad), most welcome as I have amother pal who just happens to be a pro. welder, who has kindly promised to tackle it for me - (I
  21. Mot Fail If You Have Converted To Led  Just seen this link on the Ducati Forum  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/special-notice-01-21-headlamp-conversions/mot-special-notice-01-21-headlamp-conversions
  22. Dratno

    Fascia removal

    Hi I am currently trying to remove the fascia on my 13/60 to replace the veneer. A few queries if anybody can advise please. On the fuel and temperature gauge, there are two electrical connections that I cannot remove, they seem to be ‘sprung’ but no obvious way of removing them. Looking from behind the dash, the wire to the left hand connection is green/ purple, the right hand connection is blue/white - neither of these colour combos seem to relate to the Haynes manual. Does the bezel of that gauge (and the speedo bezel) have to be unscrewed or does the whole assembly come
  23. hi will  the spitfire wiper wheel box fit the herald 1200 or the 13/60 
  24. I have aquired a strut brace for my TR7 (standard 8valve engine) when i got to fit it i am about 10mm too short. This leads me to believe with i have either a strut brace which is made too short or the body has misaligned and the tower tops spread. I have done some welding around them but nothing huge which involved removing the tops of the tower. Has anyone got any idea of the width of the towers at the top so i can compare?
  25. I have a rusted area underneath the car (1970 13/30 Cabrio) which when trying to poke a rod into does not go through the floor  to where my feet would be but is blocked by more steel. I have cut out the rusted area and exposed an inner floor pan.  Question. Is the original floor pan a double skin or Has a separate repair panel been welded on the inside of the car in the past?   Thankyou Antonia
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