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Found 4 results

  1. Recent rumours have underlined the need for decent communications between organisers and entrants on the RBRR. I thought I’d set out a few facts about how we keep in touch; In the past we’ve relied on the bulk mail tool on the website to contact entrants. This was starting to get a bit hit and miss as increasingly our legit emails were ending up in spam filters. The service has been suspended and will be recreated in the new website. The message service we have used in the past during the event was a bit clunky but worked. However, recent use declined and costs increased so we have discontinued it. New for 2021 is a WhatsApp announce group - a group for all participants that only allows the organising team to post. As you can imagine, a group with posts from a few hundred participants would soon be unmanageable. The intention is that we will use this for quick snippets of info we want to get out to entrants. As of today, I’ve managed to get 152 users onto this medium. It’s aimed at main entrants and crew, not friends and family. If you are an entrant and have not seen an email or a WhatsApp invite from me but want to join, send me a personal message here and I will send you instructions. This service will come into its own on the run, so in order to stay safe and legal, I encourage all crews to sign up. There is no cost to crew or club. NB I have had some issues adding people to WhatsApp mainly due to users not actually having current WhatsApp logins - for the avoidance of doubt, you will need to download and sign up for a free WhatsApp account before I can add you. If I send you the link and you aren't a WhatsApp member, you will be asked to download and register for the app. This service will work globally so overseas entrants can use too. Of course we will continue to issue emails, post on the blog and in these threads. From a rumour control perspective we’d really like it if issues and questions could be raised here on the Club Forum so the organising team can deal with them and a record can be kept. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc all have their place but there are a limit to how many of these we can keep up with so the ‘official’ places we use are CT Forum, WhatsApp, the RBRR Blog and the RBRR Banter Facebook page. This is monitored by Andy Pearce and I jump in when Andy kicks me. As an organising team we do not all have access to all social media tools - not everyone has a Facebook account - we do all have smart phones and email though! Anyone on the organising team are happy to help directly with any questions you don’t want to post in public forums - we are unpaid volunteers with day jobs and busy lives but we love the RBRR and will always find time to help. If all else fails, a phone call will always be responded to 🙂
  2. You can't make an omlette without breaking eggs and you can't make a great web site without breaking the payment process. OK so I'm being a little 'general' here but basically, the new web site and the old entry list/payment process are not great friends. That means that there's currently no easy way to pay for your RBRR entry despite me asking you to do so - sorry. DO NOT WORRY, top men are on the case 😁 Firstly, your place is secure. The event is fuller than it's ever been, it's also closed so we will not be accepting any more entries but yours is fine. Secondly, there's no entry list you can see at the moment and finally, you can't edit your entries. So, what's going to happen over the next few weeks is our crack team of digital ninjas (OK, it's just Craig), will be fixing things for us so we will have a viewable entry list, a method of paying and a method of updating your entry details. Bear with us whilst we get this done, there are other priorities that need to be attended to before us but we are in line and we'll get there soon!
  3. Because we are not yet able to show the entry list on the website, I've set this up. It may be slightly out of sync so if you spot issues please PM me and I'll manually update it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vR002uPE1O_0dUahtfqSq78n6IXkTvvP1j_JUhbuAl9JncH9bD2MvJk7hgd6m2iJd9Cu2UN7ofJUs8L/pubhtml?gid=1261331201&single=true&widget=true&headers=false
  4. Occasionally rumours pop up around the RBRR, some ae genuine misunderstandings, some stem from general ignorance and some are just plain stupid. Here's one that was a genuine misunderstanding that needs clarifying. The rumour was that a Motor Sport UK Clubmans Licence was required for anyone taking part in the RBRR. So, although the organising team were confident this was not the case and a quick read of the regs from the current MS UK year book led us to believe that we were right, we nevertheless contacted MS UK with the specific question. The response was short and sweet, M&S UK said; If you run the event as a Touring Assembly under a Certificate of Exemption then there is no Motorsport UK Licence requirement. It is covered by D5.1.1 members of the public can take part. We do indeed run the event as a Touring Assembly under a Certificate of Exemption. So, relax a Clubmans License is NOT required for the RBRR. When the next rumour crops up, raise it with the organising team direct, we will get the facts and let you know what the truth is.
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